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Top 10 Tweak Your Biz Articles: September, 2013

Why is it that good ideas don’t make it in the marketplace? The Backstreet Boys, Smartphone apps for the business traveller, the battle between Apple & Google, a case study on brand management, where to sell your website, Infographics, WordPress plugins, Email marketing and Twitter. These are the subjects that featured in our most popular business articles during September here at Tweak Your Biz.

The most popular business articles during September

# 1. 5 Essential Smartphone Apps For The Travelling Businessperson

Hail a cab, find a parking spot or track a flight. Do you travel for business? Business Development Manager at the Executive Offices Group: Alexa Garthwaite picks several popular smartphone apps that can greatly aid your journey.

# 2. Which One Is the Best: iOS 7 Or Android Jelly Bean?

Founder and Owner of Brishti TechnologiesSandip Kar asks which operating system is better? Apple’s iOS 7 or Android Jelly Bean from Google?

# 3. Using Infographics for Your Company

Infographics have become a powerful marketing tool – Courtney Gordner on how your business can benefit from infographics while sticking with the correct balance of visual & contextual stimulation.

# 4. Ten Best WordPress Plugins For Small Business

Transform a simple blog into a full-service website – Marketing Manager for Factor FindersAutumn Dlugoz lists 10 of the best WordPress plugins for small business.

# 5. Getting Started With Email Marketing? Here Is Your Checklist

Tackling email marketing for the first time? Sandra Hennessy has compiled a handy checklist to assist you when planning an email marketing project.

# 6. Why Do Good Ideas Fail: Success Tips Learned from Mediocre Products

Mark Zarr hears a lot of good ideas but only a few that ever get off the ground and become successful businesses. He asks: “Why is it that good ideas don’t make it in the marketplace?”

# 7. Why Business Is A Lot Like The Backstreet Boys 

“Great businesses are a lot like the Backstreet Boys”? CEO at the Bath OutletWilliam Shuhaibar attends a Backstreet Boys concert only to find himself  thinking about business.

# 8. 7 Easy Ways to Get More Traffic from Twitter

Throughout August, Operations Manager of at UK LinkologyAdam Connell managed a 5 x increase in traffic to his personal blog from Twitter – employ the same tactics and you can do the same for your blog (or do even better).

# 9. 4 Places to Sell Your Website

When it comes to buying and/or selling websites, there are lots of options to choose from. Joseph Oni from examines 4 options: auction sites, website broker firms, forums & classified ads.

# 10. 5 Tips For Effective Brand Management

This second post from Joseph Oni was inspired by – recently purchased by Reputation Changer for six figures. Read why this is a great case study in effective brand management.

McWilliam Park Hotel Combines Local Service, Value & Online To Become The Best 

We also launched our #TYBspotlight feature this month and our very first #TYBspotlight was with David Glynn who is responsible for Sales & Marketing at the McWilliam Park HotelDavid talked about being named the ‘Best Hotel in Mayo’, the Irish hotel sector – and how online and social media are contributing to their success.

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