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Top 10 Tweak Your Biz Articles: August, 2013

Tech trends, really bad bosses, CRM and project management solutions, social media outsourcing, small business CEOs and productivity, WordPress plugins, LinkedIn and Google+ all feature in August’s most popular business articles here at Tweak Your Biz.

The most popular business articles during August

# 1. 8 Technology Trends That Will Impact Business Strategies In 2014

Preparing for 2014 now will put you ahead of your competitors. Recent graduate & new contributor Dylan Adams asks that you first consider these 8 tech trends before investing in new technologies.

# 2. 10 Signs You’re The World’s Worst Boss

Do you think you are the “World’s Best Boss”, as does Michael Scott on NBC’s “The Office”? CEO at the Bath Outlet William Shuhaibar invites you to take a look at 10 leadership traits you surely do not want to have.

 # 3. Customized CRM Software Advantages

Customized customer relations management (CRM) software has many advantages for the business owner. Mark Gallagher explains why it meets some distinct needs and why it may well be a worthy investment.

# 4. How 3 Project Management Systems Stack Up

With so many options for project management, comparing the best can be tough! Megan Totka the Chief Editor with looks at 3 systems to help you determine a fit for your needs and wallet.

 # 5. Should Our Social Media Be Outsourced?

Social media may be an invaluable business tool but you still need to invest a lot of time and effort in order to get the most out of it – John McMalcolm looks at the pros and cons of outsourcing.

# 6. Creating A LinkedIn Business Page for 2013

Have you created a company page on LinkedIn? In her second Tweak Your Biz post Carla Froggatt  describes how to create one, including what to include and how to promote your new page.

# 7. Becoming CEO of Your Small Business Means Finding Right Habits

Becoming CEO of your small business means finding your “right” habits. Business coach Elli St.George Godfrey describes how you find the day to day commitment to doing things that will maximise your performance.

# 8. Ten Best WordPress Plugins For Small Business

More and more small business owners are creating WordPress blogs with one big benefit, the thousands of available plugins. However, it’s still tricky to decipher the great from the not-so-great, so Marketing Manager for Factor Finders Autumn Dlugoz has highlighted ten of the best.

# 9. 5 Strategies For Increasing Engagement On Google+

Google+ participation is growing slowly but steadily and be careful not to overlook the platform in favour of Facebook or Twitter. Author of “Increase Online Sales through Viral Social Networking“, Mr. Stephen Woessne gives you five tips for engaging your Google+ audience.

# 10. 6 Ways to Improve Productivity for your Small Biz

It’s important to find creative and cost-effective ways of increasing productivity levels. In her first Tweak Your Biz article Joyce Smith provides you with 6 ways for your small business to increase its productivity.

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