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Wealth Without Borders, Lead your business to growth!

Hi, I’d like to present you an event, as the theme is especially relevant in this economic climate because my event is a way that business owners and entrepreneurs can take charge of their own business destiny by learning how to master their mindset to get their desired business results.

So, if you are:

Confused? Frustrated? Exhausted? Overwhelmed? Stressed? Stuck? Ready to give up on your business?

DON’T, and Keep reading!

Give me 3 days, join me at the Wealth Without Borders event, where you will create your wealth without borders with your own personalised business success roadmap, with a crystal clear vision, with a robust step-by-step plan, with an unstoppable approach ready to face any challenges ahead, and with the confidence that you are making it happen — Guaranteed!!

Imagine, breaking through into a fabulous new world:

• where your small business is booked solid with quality clients and customers,
• where your confidence is sky high, radiating from you like a beacon in the night,
• where your vision become a reality and you live the balanced life of your dreams,
• where you attract people into your life that only want the best for you,
• where your past is forgiven and your future is assured,
• where you believe you can get what you want and when you want it,
• where you make it happen with a clear action plan to get the results you want,
• where money comes so fast you’ll wonder where it’s been all the time.

This is the reality for many of my clients and event attendees… This can be your reality as well! (check their testimonials and outstanding results on the event page)

You will find below the event is a nutshell!

I hope to see you at the end of September.

To your best year yet,
Frederique Murphy

3-day live “Wealth Without Borders” event

Business owners, entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs, ready to bring their business to the next level and create more wealth in their life by learning how to master their mindset, to stop being in their own way, start playing big and getting the results they desire.

Sep 23-25, 2010

The event is held at the luxurious (well, the event is called Wealth Without Borders after all!) K Club, County Kildare, Ireland.

3-day Networking Lunches and Refreshments
Bring A Partner Special Offer (fraction of the full price!)
Get Results! package
Enjoy a talk & Q&A session with Sean Gallagher

€1,497 BUT, right now, Early Bird offer at €997 (that’s €500 OFF the full price ticket) (the early bird offer and the easy 3 payment plan expire on Aug 31st)

More Info? Questions?
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Frederique Murphy

Frederique Murphy

Frederique has developed the "Mountain Moving Mindset" programme, where she empowers business owners, entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs to master their mindset, so that they can move mountains and bring their businesses to the next level! She shares her M3 programme through her mentoring & coaching packages, published articles, blog, newsletters, and live events, where she passionately teaches and uniquely transfers the same skills, attitudes and systems that work for her to the business owners ready to reach new heights

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