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How To Start Affiliate Marketing?

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The rise of internet truly had a profound effect on mankind. The best product of this ubiquitous rise is affiliate marketing! Affiliate marketing is certainly a hot selling topic right now and it could be the only field which can provide promising profits if you do it well. Affiliate marketing has made it possible to earn money digitally and globally with your virtual presence. In other words, no matter where you are physically, your efforts will help you in reaping benefits 24 X 7.

Temptation of entering business of affiliate marketing is existing in people across the world! The reason is simple- this line of business has potential to provide you a pathway to riches beyond measure. But for the formula to work, you need to mix ingredients in right proportion. It is low cost online marketing program and may be that is the reason why it is acclaimed globally. This post will offer step-by-step guide on how you can step into world of affiliate marketing.

  1. Research: The first and foremost step is to carry out extensive research on the kind of products that you intend to deal into! Since you are promoting third party’s products to your audience, you should have knowledge about those products. So, your first step should be researching about the products or services that you want to promote. It can be termed as ‘picking your niche’. If you are interested in books, it makes more sense to tie up with websites which sell/ offer books on rent for reading. You will gain interest if you start investing your efforts towards areas of your interest. Haven’t you heard of the term- ‘make your passion, your profession?
  2. Create your own website: Affiliate marketing could be the best reason of developing your own website. It is needed for two primary reasons. You obviously need a platform where you can advertise the affiliate links and that becomes your first reason. Second reason is that the affiliate companies do the background check of your URL. They want to ensure that the content on your website will not adversely impact reputation of the company. Affiliate marketing gives a meaning to your website and a reason to establish your identity.
  3. Getting affiliated with one of the programs: Not every affiliate company provides lucrative commissions! There are well established websites which don’t resort to affiliate marketing and thus it is necessary for you to find an affiliate program that offers products or services in your niche. There are paid as well as free affiliate programs. The paid or the premium ones are lucrative because they come with a price! So, if your plan is just to dip your toe in water to see the temperature then you should go with free ones to get a hang of this business line. You have liberty to choose your plan and upgrade it at any point of time. Taking baby steps is always safest approach!
  4. Content is the king: Your ultimate target is to redirect audience to those third- party websites so that you can get commission on each verified sale. You must think of strategies to attract audience to your website and content plays a very crucial role here. Think of providing rather than promoting! Your intention should be towards enriching your audience with information which is not provided by your competitors so that audience is attracted to your website. If you work towards providing them what they need, they will be attracted to your content just like moth is attracted to flame! The content shouldn’t be ‘salesy’ as your intention should not be ‘promoting’!
  5. Continue to invest efforts: Once you have a plan and program in place and it has started to give you some returns; you don’t have to sit back and relax! Stopping is not an option, you need to work continuously towards improving the program. You need to dig in deeper and get associated with many more affiliate programs. You need to improve your content and get better day by day! Research about your competitors and learn from them. Implement everything which you think will improve your earnings. There is no defined strategy for affiliate marketing since internet is a dynamic global village! The trend changes here everyday and thus you need to reap the rewards by gaining an edge! Never let the volume of your articles decrease as your website can fall in search engine rankings if you increase the wait time for your audience.
  6. Repeat: Except for the step of creating your own website, you need to repeat everything! You must keep on looking for good affiliate programs available so that you can get associated with them. Working towards improving your blog and content is a continuous process. Continuation is the key as gradually you will learn and innovate! For instance, blogging is the best way to attract audience and you can take your blogging to new heights by including videos, photos and references in long run. This will help you grow!

Affiliate marketing is all about marketing your own website so that your audience visit your website and help you in getting leads! The formula is simple, but the logic is twisted! The best part is you can customize your recipe!

There are few mistakes which you might do unintentionally as a beginner in this line of business! Under the influence of few established affiliate marketers, you might think about setting up your own self-hosted affiliate program. This could prove to be the biggest mistake if you had no experience in this field. You might end up losing money and time! Third party affiliate programs might cost more upfront but are a way to go! Associate with any of the existing and established programs. The profits might be low in initial stage but it will help you scale up in long run! Learning by doing is the key in affiliate marketing!

The results can be overwhelming (having a website of your own is a big thing after all) and hard work is worth it! Try it yourself!

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