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9 Types of Video Marketing Anyone Can
Use to Grow Their Business

In marketing one of the commonest stumbling blocks is trying to get maximum customer/client engagement for the content you’ve provided. This is not only a huge challenge for the B2B market, but for the B2C market too.

Gaining audience interaction means that as a brand, you must continually evolve and develop stories and ideas that offer inspiration and motivate the people you reach out to, to respond. There are three main goals that need to be considered with video marketing. The content must be able to educate and inform, it needs to entertain and keep your audience engaged and it also needs to be shareable, so that the people watching are likely to want to get the word out for you.

Creating great video content relies heavily on planning and creativity, and the willingness to continually re-evaluate and change with the times. Here, we’re going to look at some of the best videos used in marketing and ones that could inspire you to promote your own business.

Marketing Videos that Educate

Getting noticed relies on using a format that really hits home with your audience. It needs to engage whilst sending a clear message on an important matter. Key to a good education video is that it must be short, informative and actionable. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling, it could be a DIY tool, it could be something for a corporate enterprise, or it could be something that needs to raise awareness of an issue. As an example of this last point, look at this impactful educational marketing video from Colgate, manufacturers of dental products.

This is short, to the point and tells you all you need to know. Leaving the faucet on whilst brushing your teeth wastes enough water that could have been usefully utilized by people in Third World countries. It inspires you to do something positive, to conserve, save and possible help save lives.


Marketing Videos that Entertain

Brand customers want content that is short, entertaining and most of all, shareable. Getting to know your target audience will mean you have a head start in knowing exactly what will inspire them and make them tick. A great case in point is this short advertising campaign that appeared during the 2016 Superbowl in the USA, created by Dorito’s brand owner Frito-Lay. Although garnering some controversy, it did the brand no harm at all. The content is fun, engaging and was a huge hit on social media.

Did it keep your attention and make you laugh, whilst also simultaneously making you crave the snack they sell? Case closed, and point proved! It’s a winner.

Marketing Videos that Document

Sometimes, according to Gary Vaynerchuk, it’s not about what you do, or how you do it – you must simply ‘show up’. Vaynerchuk’s idea is simple yet startling and he explains it in detail in his short film ‘Document, Don’t Create’. While you’re spending time thinking, strategizing, and debating, you could actually be out there filming, documenting and reaching out.


Marketing Videos that Demonstrate

Your base need to know what’s unique about the product you’re selling. Therefore, it makes sense to use a demo or explainer video to show the core of your product and what is can do. The best examples of these often use animations and graphics to tell a narrative, as in this example from NinjaBag, which uses great humor to demonstrate and explain their service.

Whilst these are undoubtedly useful, it’s important to remember they’ve got to be professional. Always invest in a proper voiceover or work with a great design company to get this project off the ground. These sorts of videos work best for products and services that are perhaps not the most exciting. Injecting a little fun and light-heartedness can make all the difference to your client base.

Marketing Videos that Showcase Events

Have an event that you need to promote? Get it out there on social media to spread the word and connect with fans and followers.

Professional filmmakers and videographers will often record events in the corporate sphere and then add them to social media pages to garner attention. For example, look at this short film from the 2017 LeadsCon in Las Vegas.

Live streaming of events like this doesn’t require much effort and can end up reaching audiences worldwide. Promoting events in this way can develop leads you already have and nurture new relationships with different brands and customers. It creates hype and provides wider outreach.


Marketing Videos that Share Testimonials

Getting written reviews online is great but hearing from pleased customers is even better. Each time someone new clicks on your website they’re looking to gain assurance that what you’re offering is real, credible and tangible and will offer good value for money. It’s always worth asking your clients if they’ll appear on camera for you, just as in the following excellent example from expert Trichology and Hair Care brand Philip Kingsley.

Clients should discuss any problems they had before they used the products and what the actual product did to help alleviate any concerns they had. These types of marketing videos are essential in building a new client base.

Marketing Videos in the Corporate Sphere

A good corporate video will highlight all the positives about the company you’re working with in th form of a live action film. It needs to include details like the strengths of the company, the awards and the achievements they’ve garnered over the years and also add in information about the business infrastructure. One great example is this corporate video by the car company Daimler:

It showcases everything that is great about the business, includes some company history and is eye catching and thoughtfully put together.


Marketing Tutorial Videos

If you’re marketing a product that has many uses or is complex then you’ve got to find a way of showing how easy it is to use, to your paying audience. Making a tutorial video should show your clients how effective your products are and that they should invest as they’ll get something life enhancing for the money they’ve laid out.

A great example of this comes from Grammarly, who set out a perfect, short and to the point tutorial to demonstrate how their service can work in a variety of different scenarios.

Marketing Videos to say ‘Thank You’

Anyone who contributes to the overall success of your brand should be thanked. It is, after all, they who got you to where you are in the marketplace. They deserve to be made to feel special and if you do that, they’re much more likely to keep coming back for your products and services, as well as introducing others to your work.

Creating a personal video that reaches out to your client base is an excellent way of doing this. As in this excellent example from Simon Fraser University, who wanted to reach out and thank the people that had supported them, so they could continue to provide sterling service to their students.

These videos should help with customer retention and are always worth sharing on social media as a mark of how your brand is developing and performing.