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Since it is the beginning of 2016, it is the ideal time to evaluate the emerging trends of mobile app development that were observed towards the end of 2015

7 tips to let your mobile app shine and outperform other similar apps in the same league, by engaging customers and hook them to your app.

10 key points to remember with reference to Mobile Apps Development & Marketing, letting you reserve your own branded space on App Stores.

Data will create new opportunities for brands to interact with their customers via their mobile devices.

If your business is not already engaged in mobile marketing, there will never be a better time to take advantage of the opportunity created by mobile than right now.

Have you ever used apps applicable in your workplace? We are talking about “enterprise mobile apps.” Yet, those apps are complicated to handle.

Mobile apps, as well as websites, are the latest frontier for startups. Businesses have to decide whether to choose a native application or a responsive website, rather than trying to know what each platform has to offer.

Let us focus on four such Android apps that you can use to have things running on their own without requiring you to remember.

Mobile applications development can benefit customers up front in the value chain by efficiently easing out search and location of stores and medicines

To create an app in order to grow and expand your small business is one of the most effective ways to reach out a wider consumer group.