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It is all about focusing on screens, rather than devices. “ Mobile First ” or “ Mobile Only ” are the words ringing in tech-savvy users for past few years.

When accessing a mobile app for the first time, menus are among the first things a user sees, as soon as he arrives. Menus always guide users towards useful features and content, by acting as a milestone.

Push notifications have become a part of every smartphone owner’s life. They are an important part of today’s mobile experience.

Platform as a Service, also known as “PaaS”, has enabled global organizations to cut down extensively on their development costs, leading to mobile apps created in no time.

Organizations & businesses understand the potential risks involved in running a business especially when it comes to doing it on smartphones via mobile apps.

Mobile apps have transformed many aspects of business operations and never before in history has change occurred so fast. They have helped businesses save on operational costs and reduce waste.

A great mobile app design is what completes the entire circle. How? Think about this. A visitor lands on your app homepage.

Developing an app is not tricky if you have a clear understanding of how to proceed. Making the slightest change can impact your app exponentially.

Using these 10 tips you can create mobile apps that are irresistible to avoid, even for the niche or choosy audience.

Smartphone apps are cool, right? If you are the happy owner of a smartphone, there are lots of cool applications that can make your life easier.