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Every business now needs to design a mobile app for the growth and success of their business. But you don’t always get the apps that you are looking for.

Finding the perfect app idea is like digging the earth to find diamonds. It’s rarely happens that you stumble across […]

It depicts the fortified ways adopted by mobile apps development companies to develop an application on multiple platforms.

InHiro is a tool that helps you hire through social networks, your existing employees and partners. For this #TYBspotlight, I spoke with InHirolead designer and project manager : Lucia Kubinska to find out more about this exciting start-up.

Mobile Business Intelligence commonly termed as Mobile BI, refers to the ability that enables the mobile personnel to gain business insights through information analysis.

If you’re developing your first application for mobile devices, then this guide is for you. Common questions for beginners about developing mobile apps

Modern technology is transforming the professional scene in more ways than one and is breaking even our greatest expectations of it. The development that mobile phones experience is one of the most significant breakthroughs that are currently impacting businessmen and common employees.

Advances in technology can easily end up being double-edged swords. Cloud technology that frees us from geographical constraints, such as smartphones and video chat, can wind up enabling us to work longer and harder than before.

I interviewed Alex Schregardus of Xyndi Ltd about his new app “visitorM” – his start-up experience and idea behind setting up the app and which market sectors it is ideal for

Creating a fantastic App is easy with the right developer, but creating a fantastic app that gets noticed and downloaded is another challenge altogether. You may have created the world’s greatest app, an app that will have a massive impact on everyone’s lives, but unless they know about it, it’s just another app in a sea of several hundred thousand other apps.