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The Meta Descriptions tag is a 160 character snippet used to summarize a web page content. It allows the visitors to know about a page before they click.

You need to figure out what is going to really work for your site, and not just what looks good for online sales.

Improve your website design with user experience. This article includes 7 tips for improving the user experience of your website.

Open source seems to be the future of programming languages as the debate between proprietary and open-source has swung in the favor of open source albeit.

Monochromatic design is a visually interesting design style that still allows room for a vast amount of content in a simple looking format.

Almost every successful social media website, online store, or content portal uses the power of ‘recommendation’ to increase page views, sales, and user engagement in general.

Firms need to outsource PHP development services to procure the PHP development needs for continuous quality improvement and fulfill your business needs.

Nowadays, there is a high proliferation of mobile devices in the market. With everybody going mobile, it has become increasingly difficult for web designers

Be prepared to transform the way your business works with the introduction of managed hosting, every CIO’s new favorite

If your business interface isn’t connecting with your audience when they’re on the move, it needs a mobile makeover.