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When accessing a mobile app for the first time, menus are among the first things a user sees, as soon as he arrives. Menus always guide users towards useful features and content, by acting as a milestone.

Many people had this misconception of TV mobile app marketing dying out. However, the year 2015 brought about a radical change in the mindsets of users, when they saw app developers getting celebrities

The newest mobile OS got declared in the form of Android N developer’s preview, with Android Beta Program following the announcement, letting developers and students use the preliminary Android N features.

Platform as a Service, also known as “PaaS”, has enabled global organizations to cut down extensively on their development costs, leading to mobile apps created in no time.

Twiddling your thumbs thinking what sort of app marketing tactics could get your apps those coveted, credible, cutting-edge downloads this year?

We have compiled 10 simple techniques that play a crucial role in designing highly simple and interactive signup forms for mobile that might look small but can make a big difference.

While there turn up numerous buzzwords in technology each day, Big Data Analytics remains the firm focus and it will remain on top in the years to come.

These eCommerce platforms are getting votes from millions of users and have secured their position in the industry with a tailored approach which is appreciated globally.

“We can’t advertise in our taxi to make a couple extra dollars. We can’t do a lot of things in […]

With all of these courses so easily accessible online, it is easier than ever for those with an interest in business to widen the scope of their knowledge.