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An iPad task management app helps users to list down their tasks in the form of a list, on a paper-like application. Such an iPad task management app enables users to keep track of their daily activities and avoids missing the important ones.

It is pretty safe to say that iPad Pro has made things a lot easier than you could ever imagine. This post explores iPad Pro Apps from a designer perspective

Business activities and mobile customer experience are being redefined in the context of mobile so that businesses can create closer and more mutually satisfying relationships with consumers.

A growth process should always be cyclic, especially when it relates to a mobile application. Talking in terms of mobile app growth, when can we say that an app is growing?

As someone involved in Android app UI design, you need to follow a few development tips for enhancing overall UX, in order to be a UI/UX expert

The next wave of “mobile-first” we will be encountering in this year talks about harnessing the optimum potential of unique offerings coming from your mobile app.

Your app has seen a great number of downloads. However, do you know how often users are opening the mobile app?

If you really want to do business out of your apps, smarten and tighten up your content marketing tactics.

When accessing a mobile app for the first time, menus are among the first things a user sees, as soon as he arrives. Menus always guide users towards useful features and content, by acting as a milestone.

Many people had this misconception of TV mobile app marketing dying out. However, the year 2015 brought about a radical change in the mindsets of users, when they saw app developers getting celebrities