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Social media is probably the most powerful media today. It can fetch great results for your business when used properly. However, these can also have negative impacts if you do not use them properly.

Instagram has just hit more than 150 million users and is becoming difficult to ignore. Well! It’s not just to share your day to day photographs but is used as a great marketing platform to drive online consumers. The interesting fact is that Instagram can offer your brand a 25% more engagement than any other social platforms.

Facebook tied its partnership with Netgear that encourages small businesses to offer free Wi-Fi at their business place. However, the customers can access the free Wi-Fi in exchange for checking in to a business page.

Everyone on the web is buzzing about content marketing. What can you expect to see once your web content starts reaching its potential?

Companies have recognized the power of networking for their growth even prior to the Internet rise. If an entity builds a good network, it creates contacts with many more customers, increases its sales, expands to new markets, and makes a positive influence on its industry.

To make this cutting-edge Twitter tool more popular for online business, Twitter has introduced a new feature called Custom Timeline.

As customer engagement is becoming essential to business success, so does the use of Facebook. Just think about it – almost two in every seven human beings on the planet has a Facebook account.

Facebook mobile has witnessed a huge growth in today’s market and the majority of the retailers are leveraging Facebook mobile all across the world.

You can enrich your customer dataset with social factor. I am not talking about the common social media features here. Bridge the gap between an eCommerce login and social login with Addshopper’s new release of ‘social shopper’s login’.

Facebook is a great platform for running a contest because it can expand your audience, raise awareness about a product or service, boost audience engagement and increase your fans.