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Writing and delivering a great inspirational speech remains one of the most important tools of an excellent leader.

Every CTO must have certain qualities to become successful. Here are 8 best practices that a CTO must follow to climb the ladder of success.

Learn the top 5 ways Uber uses to further growth through aggressive risk-taking. This includes investing in technology, delaying IPO and more.

The term “financial independence” means different things for different people. For me, it’s the American dream. It’s the hope that one day I can retire and do the things I’m passionate about.

Here you have 20 cool Android apps that will help you get through your day easily. Feel free to explore the huge market of apps out there, but be sure to start with these first

Keeping your smartphone with you around the clock can seem smart, but it can have a devastating impact on your ability to do business down the line.

If you really want to get people to notice your website, you need to give them something to notice. What you need to is to add some visual content, which you can easily do when you use these free tools.

Pinterest in particular can become your ally in enhancing your overall productivity and improving your life.

Bill Gates helped found Microsoft, one of the most influential software companies in the world, when he was just 20 years old.

A comprehensive list of the personality disorders that have been annoying us all online. GO AWAY! From trolls, to the needy, to the downright spammy.

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