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Green design refers to the use of environmental friendly materials combined with science backed strategies that enable energy conservation within structures.

With technology on the rise and constant battle to save planet`s resources, many want to be green entrepreneurs. Or shall we say ecopreneurists.

It’s more important than ever for your business to have a plan for “going green” in place as many modern consumers demand you do as much.

Investing in a company car is a big move—you don’t want to pay for “more car than you need”, but […]

How small business accounting software can reduce your company’s carbon footprint, and why you should buy it.

Last week I was listening to the latest This Week in Tech podcast, in which one of the guests was speaking about the concept of Email Apena – a temporary absence or suspension of breathing…

You’ve probably been called ‘Head in the Clouds’ yourself, it is a key entrepreneurial trait. It seems we were right all along.

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