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Traditional call centers and outsourcing are taking a back seat to virtual call centers, which offer many of the benefits of both with some added bonuses.

Today there are numerous technological advances that make it possible to keep everyone in the loop, on schedule and more efficient, including web conference tools, meeting preparation, back-up tools, web design, and communication enhancers.

Online software is now replacing the traditional versions that promise greater (and responsive) connectivity and updates in real time. Are you into this switch?

Internet itself was developed in order to support collaboration. In the era of Internet, online collaboration is a must. Not communication but collaboration. Unlike communication which is still preferred by most people, to be face to face, collaboration is about working with others to achieve shared goals.

Accounting software can help with record keeping, stock taking and many other tasks for start-up’s. Read these tips to help you make the right choice.

With hundreds of options available, selecting the right cloud platforms for your business can be difficult. Here’s 18 of the best for your consideration.

When meetings include the training of a new technique, procedure, or software is included in those meetings, there are a few tools that offer more benefits than screen sharing.

As time goes by, more and more of us are taking the preventative step and signing up for data back-up or sync services. Will data back-up ever rule the world? Here are some considerations which might affect your prediction.

Qualcomm is expected to bring in a solution for the slow speed of free wifi by introducing its new technology. This is likely to increase the popularity of free wifi among the users, as it will play a major role in helping to solve a number of issues, which existed with free wifi.

Experts are predicting that cyber terrorists will begin attacking clouds, multiple platforms, and global systems in 2014. Prepare now to combat these threats