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3 Common Misconceptions of App Development Cost

3 Common Misconceptions of App Development Cost

Sian Phillips is the Managing Editor of and Content Editor on Sian is also the accountant for her clients and but is moving more and more into the content editing world; proofreading and editing blog posts, eBooks, novels and anything that is written. With over 25 years’ worth of experience in business and accounting Sian provides help to her clients with accounting and credit control. The other half of Sian’s day is spent working in the Social Media space; proofreading, copyediting, sharing posts and advice or conducting interviews for She is a qualified Accountant with an Honours Diploma in Journalism too.

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  • Hi Fiona, thanks and well done on a fantastic video interview with Lucy, she really is a star! I’m delighted to hear about all the international attention they are getting as a result of everything that they have achieved here in Ireland, It couldn’t happen to nicer or more deserving people. 

  • A fantastic interview, Fiona and Lucy. Lucy’s passion really comes through and I have huge admiration for what she went ahead and accomplished, despite leaving a secure environment. Lucy, you have represented a little piece of all of us!

  • Thanks so much, Elaine.  I agree: Lucy’s inspirational and I think she was very generous to share her emotions with me – and by extension the TYB community.  She has made an incredible commitment to achieving social change in Ireland.

  • Thanks very much, Niall.  I know that you’ve been very supportive to Lucy and to Hireland – your contribution is much appreciated!  I’m delighted that this interview gives Lucy the recognition she deserves!

  • Lauren

    Wow, Fiona!! Thank you, so much for this brilliant interview!  We need more people such as yourself and Lucy to step forward!  I do believe our world problems will be transformed by crazy ideas implemented by passionately positive people!  Rock on and let me know how I can help! xo

  • Hi Lauren, thanks so much for your wonderful feedback.  I know that you are equally dynamic and passionate and we’d love to collaborate with you to achieve social change.  I’ll connect you and Lucy online 🙂  Thanks again! xo

  • Jenny Brennan

    What a fantastic positive story. People like Lucy are fantastic. So glad I found this video, times are very difficult but Lucy’s idea shows that everything is possible. I feel rejuvinated. Thank you Lucy and Fiona. Well done 

  • Michele O’Briain

    Great interview – I really enjoyed watching it. The results of the initiative speak for themselves so well done to all involved. 

  • Thanks very much for your support, Michele.  Much appreciated!

  • Thank you so much, Jenny, for your wonderful feedback.  Hireland can only grow and thrive with the support of people like yourself – we are very grateful.  

  • Lucy Masterson

    Thank you so much Elaine, it is so encouraging to get these amazingly encouraging messages. I really appreciate it. Its often a lonely road trying to get these movements up and running so to get the feedback you have given really is so fantastic. Lucy 🙂 

  • Lucy Masterson

    Fiona….I am seriously blushing here!! they say a great interview is only made that because the interviewer is guiding the person through the stages, you were fantastic and I really enjoyed it! Cheers!!:) 

  • Lucy Masterson

    I’ll second that! Thanks again Michele. 

  • Lucy Masterson

    Jenny, what an amazing comment. Thank you so much. I don’t feel fantastic at all but I can’t tell you how fantastic it feels to be involved in a bit of positive momentum that we all so desperately need in these times. What we are doing here is trying to tackle such an enormous problem one small step at a time and it seems to be working…what’s that great expression which I will misquote…”never underestimate the ability of a small group of determined individuals to change the world….its all that ever has”! cheers for now. Lucy 

  • Lucy Masterson

    Lauren, I can’t wait to talk to you…your positive energy is oozing across the waves here! Fiona and I have had great fun planning how we can scale Hireland so any input you may have to help that journey would be fantastic! thanks again. 

  • Lucy Masterson

    Hi Niall! Thanks so much for such a lovely comment. I really feel imposter syndrome reading all these lovely amazingly encouraging responses. Hireland is only where it is because of the people like you and Fiona who have got on board from the get go. It really is a great example of people power and collaboration in full swing. cheers for now! 

  • Thanks Lucy.  Coming from a journalism background, I used to do interviews on a regular basis.  Through this one with you, I’ve rediscovered my love of asking questions that elicits what motivates and moves people!  I plan to do lots more interviewing and hopefully facilitating at conferences too 🙂  Keep up your great work with Hireland!

  • Brilliant interview Fiona!! 

  • Marissa Benti

    As one of Lucy’s former students, I was happy to see you documenting her passion for Hireland and social change in general! Lucy’s energy is contagious and makes you feel that anything is possible. She understands how unemployment impacts the individual and how just one job can mean so much.

  • Lucy Masterson

     Marissa, what a fabulous and lovely note. Very humbling indeed. That means so much to me.  As a past student and friend  from the very first class I ever taught in not for profit marketing don’t forget the impact you and Matt Hovey made in getting the Dublin Biycycle scheme up and running in Dublin. All I can say in response to your lovely note is, without the input and passion of you guys who only see possibilities and opportunity, none of this would ever be happening.  Hope all going swimmingly in California:))

  • Hi Donncha, Sometimes we can be guilty of believing that great business ideas need to be new ideas. When it comes to creating a successful business the best ideas are rarely new but rather an improvement on what already exists.

    If your concept can REALLY improve upon what already there – that’s potentially a great business idea.

  • Belinda – great comment. I am sometimes asked by people looking for their ‘big idea’ where they come from. I generally refer to ‘The Secret’ which has of brilliant ideas one of which is that if your mind is open that you attract what you want. I suggest that they make a list of what type of business they would like and the strengths they can bring. The mind is very powerful – curiousity and problem solving orientation as you mention – and you need to open it to new opportunities which will identify themselves in time. As you say the fun starts after that. It is often said that you are an entrepreneur when you have the idea … you are a Manager for the rest of the time.

  • Yes indeed Niall, and that improvement can be across the product, the process, or indeed how the business is marketed and your relationship with customers. Lots of sources of competitive advantage and most business ideas can and will be copied. Thanks. Donncha

  • Harry

    While I agree that ideas need to be vetted with potential target customer base to ensure there is market demand out there, we should overestimate the importance of idea alone. Lot of success for entrepreneurs comes not just from ideas, but from execution of those ideas. No amount of great ideas will get you anywhere if you do not have solid execution plan. As I always like to say – Ideas are dime a dozen, execution is the key.

  • Harry, great comment and I mostly agree. At the same time, it is important not to jump into execution mode too quickly. It is often said that ‘ideas are a dime a dozen’ but really good ideas become great ideas when time is taken for reflection, and when ideas are given the freedom to evolve. The market is so competitive now that you need a combination of a good team, an excellent idea and a solid execution plan to be successful – and where everyone is open to learning and flexible to change as required. regards. donncha

  • Welcome back Elaine and congratulations on becoming a #TYBinfluencer. I have a feeling that more and more people will be working remotely over the coming years. Great post!

  • Hi Niall,
    Thank you! It’s really great to be back! I love the pic you chose for the post – nice home office, albeit a bit messy.
    I will be writing a lot more about working remotely and online, due to my own circumstances changing, with moving country.
    In fact I will probably return here in a few months, looking for tips on increasing productivity while working remotely 🙂

  • I dig each tip Elaine!

    As a guy who’s blogged from all over the world for 45 months and running I feel using down time wisely marks the difference between remote success and failure. I get trying to work during down time but understand rest even better.

    As a guy who’s spent a fair chunk of 24 hour flights across the world – my recent series of flights from Bali to NYC – working and as the same dude who took similar length flights resting and chilling for much of my time in the air I think resting is the way to go.

    The less I work the better quality work I turn out and the less I stress and the more money I make and the more freedom I experience. We’re after being free more than anything. Rest frequently, work inspired and enjoy the benefits of working remotely.



  • Wow Ryan, you are on the move a lot.

    Thanks for reading, and leaving a great comment – downtime, it’s a precious gift really, as we do abuse it rather than accepting it for the gift that it is – and more importantly, efficiently using downtime to recharge the batteries.

    Our mental and emotional health absolutely rely on it – it’s up to us to nurture that, and protect it, otherwise we end up looking like this –

  • Sian is responsible for the pic 🙂

  • Woohoo, our girl is back 🙂 And of course a brillliant first post. I planned to write about working remotely this month but you’ve kind of covered all the bases so I don’t need to now. Of course I wouldn’t have thought about the rest factor but after the last week or so I realise how important it is. Difficult to do but important I know.

    Congratulations on being a #TYBInfluencer too. Can’t wait for your regular posts to start coming agan now. Welcome back

  • Thank you most kindly Sian – it’s really great to be back in the throws of writing and blogging again – and how well it coincides with becoming a #TYBInfluencer too!!

    So glad you enjoyed the post – and yes, I can understand how it was hard for you to rest when ill, esp when you are used to “all go go go”. I hope you take more time for your recharging and enjoy it 🙂

    Thanks for the welcome home!

  • You plural!! The team!!
    You know in French it is quite clear whether one means you familiar singular (tu) or you familiar plural (vous).
    Of course then there’s the you formal singular (vous) and….. well you get my drift!.


  • Hi,

    Behind every successful business there is a successful idea. No one cares if a business idea is new or old, if it works in best way and become successful then it is the best idea. I always say that more experience helps to bring new ideas but sometimes fresh minds also produce the most effective idea for the business. I must say that you have a great idea for your business.

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