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Top 6 Things Not To Do On Social Media In 2014

Social media is probably the most powerful media today. It can fetch great results for your business when used properly. However, these can also have negative impacts if you do not use them properly. Hence, it is important to know what not to do on social media, which can have a negative effect on your business.

Top 6 Things Not To Do On Social Media In 2014

#1. Do Not Ignore or Delete Negative Comments

Are you afraid of negative comments that are posted on your social media pages? In fact, there is no harm in being afraid of them. Yet, you need to know the right way to manage these comments. You should never delete these comments or completely ignore them. This will irritate the person who had posted them and the chance remains that they will return with vengeance and post another comment, which might harm the reputation of your business.

Instead, you should consider such negative comments in a positive light, as they will help you correct the mistakes. In fact, if you reply to the negative comments properly and make required changes, if any, they will help to enhance the reputation of your business.

#2. Share, but Do Not Spam

Is it true that social media can perform in the best way when you share your content as often as possible? In fact, it is partly true. You should always look to reach out to as many potential customers as possible with your posts. However, it is important for you to do that prudently. Know the best time to share your posts when you can reach out to your target audience.

However, always remember that sending too many posts to your followers will seem like you are spamming them. Hence, they will surely unfollow or unfriend you. Therefore, it is important to know how many posts you should share on a regular basis to remain relevant to your customers.

#3. Do Not Reply without Thinking Properly

There is no need to rush into things when you have to reply to a criticizing post on your social media page. It is true that you need to answer almost all queries and comments that are posted on your social media page and posts. But always ensure that you are doing that prudently. There can be a few comments, which you do not need to answer at all.

Moreover, if you find any critical comment on your post, take your time to compose a reply. You might find the post insulting or something that criticizes your hard work and hence, would like to reply right away. However, that will only result in confusion and might harm the reputation of your company. Hence, it is always advisable not to react right away and plan a proper way to reply to criticizing posts.

#4. Do Not Fall Prey to Trolls

It is completely on you to realise what to reply to and what not to on your social media page. You need to know one thing – many of the comments that are posted on your social media page are nothing but trolls. Hence, you should restrain yourself from being involved in any sort of confusion or debate. Instead, read the posts carefully and try to figure out whether they are meant only to provoke you.

Reply only if you find them interesting and the criticism constructive. Otherwise, it is better to avoid any type of post which might lead to disputes. You are the one who needs to decide which posts you need to reply to. Understand and figure out the trolls and keep away from them.

#5. Do Not Stop Sharing Content

Content is the king!  A lot of things on the internet have changed over time. There are many things, which have backfired and hence, need to be avoided. But this fact remains constant. Share as much contextual content as possible. However, it is important to ensure that the content you share is relevant to your business. This is going to make your potential customers interested and help you gain more traffic to your website. The result: enhanced business and increased revenues. Hence, it is important to continue focusing on good quality content.

#6. Do Not Avoid Google Plus

Over the past few years, social media was all about Facebook and Twitter. Google has introduced Google Plus, but it was nowhere in the fray to help businesses the way the two leaders of the social media market were doing. Hence, it was not essential for your business to have a Google Plus presence.

However, the time has changed over the past few years. And if you are still not there on Google Plus, it’s high time you get your profile created there and start your activities immediately. It has been observed that the +1 received in Google Plus helps your website move up in keyword search results on the Google Search Engine. Hence, it is important for you to create your presence on this social media platform.

With the passage of time, different social media trends have occurred, which will rule the roost. However, several things need to be avoided as well. Keep in mind what not to do on social media and keep away from these activities to ensure that your business makes full use of this platform to perform better.

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    A great pick here Warren. Glad to see Seth Godwin in there and will make sure I read that entry!

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    Thank you Warren, these are blogs I never would have come across,looking forward to reading them all. I love this quote To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.

  • What a comprehensive list Warren – thank you for sharing – I look forward to reading some of them over the coming weeks.

  • warrenrutherford

    You are all welcome. It’s fun doing the research and learning from others.

  • Thanks for the list! Been working through reading them. Can I be bold and add a posting on this site that I did that got a lot of positive action about 5 things that make a great manager and leader that may also add to the discussion:

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    Gary – absolutely. The more interaction the better. As you know there is a lot of advice available. Reading through the different material helps us to understand better what resonates best – so share on.

  • Thanks for gathering all these posts about effective/better management/leadership. We need more leaders. “Bosses” are seriously outdated specially in this day and age where technology has afforded opportunities to even the most average of joes. We ALL need to learn to be leaders.

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  • Losing employees can be a direct consequence of not having your “door open” Communication is essential for employee retention, along with respect, transparency etc.
    It’s a sad company that speaks to their employees at entry and exit only. “Inbetween” chats should be mandatory.
    Having said that exit interviews are critical for relevant and timely feedback. Organisations can learn a lot from those leaving the company, and they should be in person, I agree.
    Good tips Daniel

  • Welcome to Tweak Your Biz Eric and a great first post for us. I particularly like your 3rd point. In the past I have been known to write a reply quickly but intentionally not hitting return. So I feel like I’ve said what I wanted to say – even if I haven’t put it out there. Thanks for sharing these tips with us and I look forward to your next post.

  • Thank you for this. I am new to social media marketing and found this “not to do” list very helpful. I have yet to see any positive business results because of social marketing, but I haven’t been doing it very long and so am hopeful.

  • This “not to do on social media” thing, You’ve stated an idea for awareness and improving social media activities and movements. Especially the 4th one, sometimes I’m also do error on replying, i’m a little bit impulsive with my replies that sooner I realize, “O if I did this it’s gonna be perfect” That’s the lesson for me . Thanks for this.

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