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9 Free Business Productivity Tools For Startups

Starting a business can be a daunting endeavor, especially if all you have is a cool product and not enough capital. In the tech world, or in any other niche for that matter, most startuppers fail not because they have bad products but because they are unable to generate enough consumer interest in their products. 

Considering overheads and other back-office expenses, this scenario doesn’t come as a surprise. So if you’re still starting out and find yourself strapped for much needed funding to keep your startup afloat, the following free business productivity tools are worth checking out.

9 Free Business Productivity Tools For Startups

# 1.

If you need a collaboration tool your staff are most likely to adopt with relative ease and minimum training, take the social intranet route. is the fastest growing social intranet that’s free for businesses with 12 employees or less. The application comes as a combination of several different work tools like CRM, project management, real-time streaming, activity planner, file sharing, to name just a few. As it is cloud-based, access can be anywhere, whether using your computer or smartphone. An upgrade to unlimited users starts at $99 per month.

# 2.

In this era of e-mail and instant messaging, you’d think fax machines are no longer relevant. But if a LinkedIn survey as reported by Mashable is to be believed, fax machines are still in until 2017 steps in.

As you might have already guessed from the site’s name, is an online service that allows you to send up to three pages of fax for free (maximum of two faxes per day) to any number in the United States or Canada. The site also offers premium pay-per-fax service should you need to send more.

# 3. is an online productivity tool that assists in task and time management. Remember The Milk essentially functions as your all-in-one task manager, electronic calendar and to-do list. Aside from allowing you to share and split tasks with other people, the application can be integrated with GMail, too.

The pro account is priced at $25 for one year and comes with exclusive mobile app features and Microsoft Outlook integration.

# 4. is an open-source group collaboration server that allows for sharing of notes, e-mail access, calendar organization, task management, address book maintenance, news aggregation, phone sync and journal integration. Kolab is secure, scalable, reliable, mobile and professional, ensuring productivity every step of the way. As a whole, the application requires some getting used to. But once you get the hang of it, the hassle can be all worth it.

# 5.

Formerly, is an accounting software that’s fast, simple and easy to use, offering unlimited invoicing and expense tracking. 100% free for small businesses with nine employees or less, it’s accountant-approved and specifically designed for non-accountants. You can also securely connect your bank and PayPal accounts or other sources of data, and your transactions are automatically imported into the accounting software.

# 6.

To make your business presence known, one surefire route to take is through the distribution of press releases. is a site where you can dispense press releases for free. And if you feel you don’t have the necessary expertise to create a killer press release, the site provides instructions on how to write one, even how to embed videos where necessary.

# 7.

One cardinal business rule is that businesses should have their own websites to boost their market presence online. is a free website creator that doesn’t require website creation expertise. Until you’re ready to go for more complex and/or self-hosted sites that would require monthly or yearly payments, is a good alternative.

# 8.

For those meetings or web conferences on the fly, is a simple-to-use teleconferencing application that allows you to review documents and designs, train staff, do product demonstrations – basically to get everyone apprised of company updates. You can do transatlantic web conferences and presentations, too.

# 9., which is short for “if this, then that,” functions like a computer program repeatedly uttering if/then logic all day long. With IFTTT, you set up “recipes” to assist you with task automation. For a recipe to work, you have to have a channel, a trigger and an action. Examples of channels are Facebook, e-mail, Evernote, LinkedIn, just to mention a few.

For instance, if you’re tagged in a photo on Facebook, you can create a recipe that would automatically download the image into Dropbox.

What other free business productivity tools can you suggest?

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Maricel Rivera is a freelance business/tech blogger and independent content marketing professional currently working with ZipBooks, free accounting software, and SafeSend, email security software provider. Other software vendors she worked with as content developer and marketer include Comindware and Bitrix24.

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  • Thanks for another great post Maricel. I only knew of a couple of those tools so it’s good to learn of more. Looking forward to your next post.

  • Maricel Rivera

    Hi Sian. Thank you for the kind words and for allowing me to contribute to Tweak Your Biz once again. I’ll be pitching in another article soon.

  • fifi leigh

    sounds interesting, but can’t you do the same thing on skype and software programs package?

  • Maricel Rivera

    Hello, Fifi Leigh. Thanks for visiting. Skype and some other free software should work, too. The above are alternatives, and just in case you’d like to try other programs.

  • Maricel Rivera

    Nishadha, thanks for the comment. I guess it’s all a matter of finding which works best for you, you think?

  • Thank you, great post and good info. I use IFTTT to to automate some tasks.
    Trello is a another helpful productivity, which I use on a daily basis. All the Best, Ralf

  • Maricel Rivera

    Hi, Ralf! Thanks for visiting and commenting. I’m glad you liked the post. And thanks for the reminder on Trello.

  • Hi Maricel,
    A wonderful post, and great list to bookmark. We all need help with time management and productivity at any stage of running a business, and as it grows, needs change.
    These are great apps to try out – I use a few, but looking forward to exploring some more you mention in this article – thank you!

  • Maricel Rivera

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting, Elaine. I’m really happy you liked the article.

  • I would suggest to give what I use a try too, it’s pretty complex, it’s user friendly and did me a lot of good since I started to use it. So if you like, have a look at

  • Mark Breen

    Hi Maricel. Some great tips in there. Thanks for sharing! Just on the element, I see so many of them done badly that I think they give a negative impression of a business. I think it’s starting to improve. In my experience it’s so easy to put a good looking WordPress site live, self-hosted, even for someone (like me!) with no coding / tech skills. I think it’s a better way to go. Oh and we find a fantastic project management tool. It really is so easy to use and makes a huge difference to our productivity here. Thanks again!

  • ShaneDaBane

    Wow, Bitrix24 is incredible. Best tool on the list

  • Arlen Mark

    Have you guys ever used This tool is very effective for managing team as well as projects.

  • Great article. Check out “3 Economic Principles That Will Change Your Life”

  • This list should also include | we use this tool for invoicing, quotation and accounting needs. You can add multiple users and companies in one account.

  • Great list Maricel, thanks for sharing! I would also recommend to add to this list – FS includes five tools that covers most things you would need in a startup, in addition to 80+ startup docs and templates. A goldmine for startups!

  • dianaffandi

    nice info, this list very usefull for startups.

  • PovaOnich

    Bitrix24 looks very impressive – never heard about them before

  • Nancy

    We use Yaware at work. It tracks tardiness, worked time, overtime, productivity rates, breaks, etc. I think it’s worth the investment.

  • Cate Blanchett

    I prefer for my clients. It is one of the best and fast developing social media metrics based sales automation tools with crm

  • GMailGene

    Bitrix24 and RememberTheMilk are excellent. I’ll look into others as well, but I am thoroughly impressed by these two, especially B24


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  • This is the best post that I have seen recently. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Iqbal AZIM

    Intriguing tools, and apps: overall very informative summary!
    Few of them are excellent tools for processing and organizing, with much easy.

    This reminds me of a university punch-line ‘Convenience comes first, without it efficiency is meaningless’.

    However, as a start-up: cost implications are hyper critical. These tools seem more suitable for somehow stabilized organizations (Purely due to organizing and costing grounds).

  • Thanks for great post with useful links. Bitrix24 is great for us and its free to use for 12 users.

  • Thanks Maricel! It’s always nice to have creative people like yourself looking to help entrepreneurs!

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    Hi Maricel,
    You have missed orange hrm too :)overall useful info.

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    Great Post with useful information! Thank you for sharing with us!

  • John Lincoln

    Thanks for sharing this Maricel. Never heard of Bitrix24, but looks interesting. Two other cool services to mention would be which we now use at work after migrating from Trello, and – my personal favourite for brainstorming and notes.

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    This is is a very useful piece. I prefer using Invoicera for online task and team management, invoicing, and expense management. It has got many a useful features.


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  • Trello is a great way to keep things organized within a team. From development to blogging; from shopping to office discussions, everything is organized. The best part about Trello is your team members can join and collaborate. For instance, they can vote, move cards, add new suggestions, etc. Trello is free and highly flexible.

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  • Great info in this post for free productivity tools for startups. However, I used similar tools before and the more skills I attained, I left them in favor of apps I can fully control. I may not have a replacement for everything on your list, but here it goes:

    ▪ Collaboration & Project Management = Collabtiv (Self Hosted)

    ▪ Customer Relationship Management = SuiteCRM or vTiger (Self Hosted)

    ▪ Website = I highly recommend that you pay for yours and not use free tools. I’ve been burned by this and lost an entire brand name after much hard work. After all, web hosting and domain names are not really expensive. The cost is in Designing the website. Hire a professional for this.

    ▪ Video Conferencing = Ever Heard of Google+ Hangouts?

    ▪ AutoResponder / Email Marketing = phpList (Self Hosted)

    Note to Business owners attempting to build their websites themselves: You’ll never be satisfied with your design.

    Anyone else agree? I’ll look into PRLOG as I’ve seen it mentioned before.

    Again, great list.

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  • Shiv Karthik

    Hi Maricel, Awesome post. You made it simple to look out for productivity tools. Bitrix24 is the best.. only other thing is I would have preferred Asana to figure in the list. I had no clue of IFTTT.. thanks for this info.

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  • Ogden Psako

    A few points against Bitrix: While it sounds interesting, I could not help noticing that vast amjority of comments here praising Bitrix24 are fine examples of astroturfing, making the company less credible. After looking at the site, given its management (all Russian), partners (Russian search engine Yandex) and clients (Russian stage energy giant Gazprom), one can not help wondering whether the company is based in Russia operating through a Virginia based LLC (not that this would necessarily be a bad thing).

    On the positive side: They seem to have created good collaboration tools, offer self-hosted version and also claim compliance to EU/US Dept. of Commerce Safe Harbor data protection program (but I could not find the company in Dept. of Commerce list of approved entities).

    My 2 cents…

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