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Quick Tips For Smart Entrepreneurs To Improve CRM Adoption

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Quick Tips For Smart Entrepreneurs To Improve CRM Adoption

Entrepreneurs around the globe are looking for smarter solutions that will reduce incurred expenses on CRM installation and make the software more effective for their businesses. Often it has been seen that the cost of the customer management system is higher than the benefits offered. This is because the users fail to use the software in the most effective way. Here are some smart tips to ensure smarter use of the CRM solution for betterment of your business.

CRM solution

BI integration                                       

A CRM is nothing but a database and that is the honest truth about it. It is not as effective as a standalone platform as it is when integrated with other business intelligent applications. So, although it may offer you quantified report of your current sales performance it needs the support of other business intelligent applications to supply past performance reports to compare your current status with. A cloud CRM can be integrated with other BI applications through application programming interface.

Social media integration

About two-third of American population accesses social media sites regularly. People use the platform to interact with peers and keens. As a result, social media has a great impact in shaping the opinion of modern consumers. People also discuss about wide range of products and services (around 60% of American users) on these sites including their experience with customer care executives, service providers, brand management, ad campaigns and more. It is actually a huge repository of information to study customers’ behavior.

Social media customer management system empowers your CRM with the potential of social media. You can now use the single user platform to facilitate two-way interaction with your clients and engage them in social networking sites.

Syncing platforms

The automated system of CRM is to offer better service to customers but for years now complex interfaces actually have thwarted the process. Customers are forced to navigate through complex automated systems. Customers like the personal touch and so, when they have to find their ways through an automate system they will stop coming back to you. You can significantly improve customer experience by combining customer service interface and customer grievance interface together.

Customer experience can be improved by building an efficient self-help platform that will offer clear instructions and assistances to customers on solving simpler problems. This will also improve the performance of your call center.

Introduce Mobile interface

You can make your business really dynamic by introducing mobile versions of your CRM applications. This will keep your marketing executives out on sales calls informed with real-time data and updates on sales. Cloud CRM can be accessed on handheld internet enabled devices from every corner of the world.

Scrub information

Before you migrate your old database to the customer management software, scrub it to remove outdated, wrong, incomplete and duplicate information. This will ensure quality of the information stored in the CRM.

Timely campaigns

Modern customer management software let you run marketing campaigns from it and for that reason have integrated marketing tools like email responder, autoresponder, voice/fax/sms integration, templates, DRIP marketing tools, POS integration and more.

All of the above points can be introduced to your CRM at costs that will not burn a hole to your pocket. SaaS CRM customization options allow easy modification to the user interface to make it more adaptive to a business system. One can add or remove fields from the user interface to improve experience of users.

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Paul Anderson is a software consultant based out in California. For over five years he is offering CRM consultation services to a wide market vertical. During this period he has observed what works and what doesn’t work for companies. He brings in his wealth of experience on CRM customization and solutions to his writings on webs and blogs. He is an avid reader and enthusiast blogger and engaged with many online communities. He also loves outdoor sports and often goes fly fishing with fellow enthusiasts.

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  • According to some blogs, CRM Adoption is one of the challenging area for many organizations. Every CRM user in the organization should be aware of the value which the CRM system brings in. These tips will definitely help entrepreneurs to improve CRM Adoption.

  • I think one tip that was left out is to make it as easy as possible for sales reps to enter data into the CRM. I like to think that a big problem with many CRM systems is that they were built for a sales team that sits in front of a desktop all day. It’s easy to enter data and contact information behind the desk but it gets a bit difficult when sales calls are taken on the road or from home. If a CRM can make it easy and intuitive to enter data from outside the office, I can’t help but think adoption rates would increase.

    As an employee for Base CRM, I’d like to provide a link to an ebook we just wrote that’s relevant. Understanding why customer adoption is low is the best starting point to find your solution.

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