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TweakYourBiz TV Talks With Entrepreneur, Investor And Philanthropist Bill Liao

I had the pleasure recently of interviewing Bill Liao, an Australian entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist based in Ireland. Bill is co-founder of Coderdojoco-founder of, founder of and venture partner with SOS Ventures (along with our newest Irish Dragon, Sean O’Sullivan, who talked with us on TYB in March)

Bill is a perfect marriage of tech savvy and business, where he can write an iPad app, mentor a start-up or explore his philanthropic flare.

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Bill talks business, bikinis and code

I caught up with Bill to talk business, bikinis and code and as for angel investors, Liao’s five nuggets of advice when they engage with entrepreneurs are:

  1. not to be too greedy
  2. find other mentors
  3. demand measures
  4. make their story crisp
  5. find coders

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube]

I hope you enjoyed the interview and have some take aways that are of use to you. Apologies for the giggles, we had a little more fun than was anticipated 🙂

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  • I always love your interview style, Elaine and Bill provides some wonderful advice. I really love the idea behind Coderdojo, what a brilliant way to bringing learning and fun together. 

  • John Twohig

    Well you certainly seemed to enjoy that, nearly as much a I did this side of the screen. Bill’s philosophy is very interesting and one which I subscribe to. Make a decision and stick to it, make that decision a big one and don’t sweat the small detail. Napoleon Hills, Think and Grow Rich first printed in the 1930’s has a similar feel.

    Great interview.  

  • Coderdojo – watch that space! It will put Ireland back on the map as a leader in young tech expertise. Bill makes a very good point about getting kids talking and writing code young, so they will become native speakers, not just “fluent”. @coderdojo:twitter 

  • Thank you Anton, it is easy to be informal when the interviewee is relaxed 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed the session.

  • Thank you kindly John.
    It often catches us off guard when seemingly new ideas and philosophies are traced back to the great thinking leaders. A super practical guide to getting rich is written by WALLACE D. WATTLES in 1910 “The Science of Getting Rich”. If we can get passed the olde style language, he really makes a lot of sense in modern day terms – just came to me when you mentioned Hills book 🙂

  • Nice interview, useful content, enlightening stories, sexy interviewer. You’ve missed your vocation, Elaine!

  • Ryan


    I enjoyed hearing your perspective on this blog topic. I actually wrote a blog on the same topic and I’d love it if you had the time to check it out.

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