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Business Software Must Haves

As a Small Business, are you using your PCs and laptops to their full potential?
Here is some help that should make your business more technology friendly. And the majority are free!

In this article I will outline some must-have software, broken down depending on the role.


The only thing not free on my list is backups, but they are the most important out of everything. Wouldn’t it be great to backup your computer remotely without you having to think about it and at a much cheaper price than buying external hard disk? Here are some examples Backblaze, IDrive


Most companies live in their emails and need access on multiple PCs, laptops and mobiles phones. Google Apps is a free/inexpensive option for small business and allows you to use Google Calendar, Docs etc. A great alternative to Outlook is Thunderbird it works the same way as outlook but its free 🙂

File Sharing

Dropbox is a great solution to sharing documents between multiple machines. The free version gives you 2 GB of space.

Remote Meeting

Finally, one great solution for remote meetings and share screens for free is DimDim

Have you used any of these tools? Could you recommend more?

Christian Kortenhorst is based in Dublin, Ireland, with over 10 years cooperate IT Support, technical experience, setting up servers, network environments, backup solutions and many other technical areas. Christian setup CK Computer Solutions in 2008 after finishing up 4 years in Comptuer Science in DIT.

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  • Welcome to Bloggertone Christian. We use Google Apps and Dropbox. They are incredible services that save us a lot of time. The fact that you can go to any computer in the world and access your email, calendar, documents and even all your files like in your own computer is priceless.

  • Nialldevitt

    Hi Christian, welcome to Bloggertone, great post! Like Fred, I use Google Apps & Dropbox. Something that I have started to use lately and would recommend is Facebook groups, it’s a super collaboration tool and most people are already on there.

  • Hi Christian, great tips, I have made a note to get the Dropbox. Just thought you might like to know you share your topic with another great blogger on his post today recommending Dropbox and Google Docs, forward to more insight from you :)n

  • Facundo

    Welcome onboard Christian. Couldn’t live without Dropbox and Gapps really 🙂 I would agree on DimDim for casual conferencing, but if your business depends on it (e.g. remote training for people in different areas) I would always go for a paid solution that provides phone support when things go wrong. nAs a recommendation, we are very happy with It’s a very complete PM tool that is nor overwhelming, and they offer great support even in the free version. Oh, also Zendesk is a must if you provide any type of support (almost free starting at 9 USD I believe).

  • Hi Christian,nWelcome to Bloggertone, somehow I missed you in the group! Great first post, the lists are endless as you well know. I use dropbox for another business, and I love it.nnI do a lot of remote training and IT recordings. I use the software that my clients are using, which is generally Oracle based, or other web conferencing such as Webex or Goto Meeting,

  • You should try out go to Training if your working on training wroks really well. nnChristian K

  • Would love to here feedback since its first article!nnTo longnTo short nTo technical nAny more topics you would like me to cover?nnPlease take a minute to let me know really like to spread my knowledge. nnChristian K

  • Anonymous

    Great selection of tools. I use Dropbox all the time. Indispensable for moving content between machines and especially for getting content on the iPad and phone.nnI’d also throw Evernote into the mix. This is what I like to call, my external brain.

  • What a nice surprise to find this link…thanks for the valuable information!

  • Have you thought about employee clock in software? Timekeeping software can be a great way to keep tabs on time spent working, so that you can pay employees the proper amount and avoid issues about paychecks.

  •  The only thing not free on my list is backups, but they are the most important out
    of everything. Wouldn’t it be great to backup your computer remotely
    without you having to think about it and at a much cheaper price than
    buying external hard disk

  • John, a brilliant point here. 

    Many small business owners have absolutely no idea how their companies are performing, how much money they have, how much they can expect in the future, what’s the overall performance of the team and its members and so on. And, it works quite well for them but only until something happens and they run into trouble. With clever performance tracking you can foresee and avoid quite a lot of potential problems (not to mention that to actually know how your business is “doing” too). 
    Well done. 

  • Thanks Pawel.

    It is at times very scary to consider what the process of tracking is with some companies. The balance sheet may say one thing but the upcoming downfall will never be seen, so they start to lose and they will never know where or even when it can be turned around. 

  • warrenrutherford

    John – in agreement here with Pawel and Sian. My effort with clients is to establish simple business plan, with measurable goals, strategies, action items, etc. You are each right of the challenge to get an owner to focus and implement.  Great post on how the sales end of the metrics get tracked.

  • Thank you Warren! It’s an incredibly common sight within companies where the employees are not motivated and productivity begins to slow, even though targets may stress some people out they will all feel a satisfaction once completed or even drive harder to accomplish further goals. Can never say it enough but metrics need to be track.

  • Ruan

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  • angelina

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  • Liran Hirschkorn

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  • Allan roger

    We use on premise RHUB web conferencing & remote support appliances for all our business needs. It is easy to use and best part is, it provides everything in one box you need.

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