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The outside world and the Internet are being drawn closer together all the time. With the social media revolution continuing to change the way businesses operate on a daily basis, mobile applications are big business! Developers were quick to realise that there was a growing need for apps that would allow professionals to work and communicate while out of the office.

Today there is an abundance of mobile apps out there for us to pick and choose from. So whip out your phone and download these four free apps.


This application could be well worth a try if you’ve got a bad spending habit. Financer allows you to keep track of all your spending and manage your bank accounts. You can record all of your deposits and withdrawals as well as managing your monthly budget from one place. It’s definitely a multi-purpose app that would not only be suited to the business professional, but everyone else too!

Heap CRM

Heap CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) app. It’s got a lot of functionality such as messaging, calendars and contacts. So what right? Well this nifty app allows you to tie all this together, which allows you to see the relationships between these items. Cool! One of the other interesting features is that you can run reports on the data in the CRM that you can then export.

Attendance Countdown

Whether you’re the boss looking the keep track of your employee’s hours or the slacking employee that wants to run out the door as soon as the clock strikes, this handy app could do the job! As the name suggests, Attendence Countdown is an app that keeps track of how many hours you have worked and how many are to go. At the end of the day you can also e-mail the current times to yourself or your boss for accounting, etc.

The LinkedIn App

We all feel the urge to check our out social networking pages when out of the office! For mobile app users there’s no longer a problem. The LinkedIn app allows you to keep up to date with all the latest from the business networking site. You can display a news feed on the phone that allows you to see all updates from your connections, to which you can reply. You can also do most of the other things you’d want to such as update your status search. There’s probably also an app out there for your other favorite networks!

Donagh Mc Sweeney is a social media enthusiast and commentator. He is knowledgeable in a vast variety of fields in the IT industry and holds a BSC in Computer Science. Donagh has been actively involved in the social media world for nearly 6 years and has been present to watch the this evolution of the internet. He's also author of his own blog,, which covers topics dealing with social media, IT technologies and business. A true and true Kerryman, Donagh has been based in Cork City for the last 4 years. His interests include a big fascination with social media and technology. He spends his free time pursuing one of his many interests, which include sports such as rugby and darts as well as having more than a passing interest in Poker. He also enjoys tinkering with gadgets and hardware.

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  • Good, practical post Donagh. Thanks for sharing. I haven’t done any research but it’d great to know if these apps are only for the iphone, Android or compatible with any specific brand.

  • Anonymous

    Great post… Here’s a link to an excellent email marketing resource site – this section is specifically about legislation around the world

  • Anonymous

    Many thanks for this Denise. Newsweaver, of course, are a leader in the field of enewsletters and emarketing, working with clients across Europe. They are an excellent resource for anybody getting started.

  • Great post Una. I must say that I see some inconsistencies between laws and usefulness to the consumer. Here in France there is a strict law about registering any list of people or companies you may have here in France… and yet I get emails from companies I have never heard of which have no easy unsubscribe option. Most of these companies somehow believe they are within the law, but my only choice of stopping the emails is to take the high road and go through the long process of complaining to the company who has the power to fine them.

    It’s going to be interesting to follow the application of all of these new laws. I’m happy I approach email marketing from a content marketing perspective with lots of value upfront and always use the double opt in system.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Cindy for your comment. How about we organise a bloggertone webinar on the impact of data protection regulation on outbound marketing, including Denise.

  • There is legitimate public concern about how business is using personal data. I support that concern. I feel it too. There have been horrific examples recently with staff from a mobile phone company selling such info to other businesses.

    You ask whether the coming restrictions will make us [meaning business] more creative. [] A more important question may be “will the concern lead companies to think harder about their operating ethics?

    The risk is that if the littering which the internet permits isn’t checked now we’ll suffer rubbish for years to come.

    Delighted you raised the issue in such an informative manner

  • Anonymous

    Once again, thanks for your comments Paul. I’m thinking of setting up a webinar to have a discussion on these issues.

  • Una, I have someone ready to facilitate tech side of this for you, let’s have a chat about it?

  • Anonymous

    OK Niall, I’ll call you during week and we can set up a webinar.

  • Hi Una, got your message and will come back asap, thanks, Niall

  • Anonymous

    No hurry Niall – I’m pretty busy anywya the first half of this week.

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