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More and more professional buyers are adopting a ‘fortress mindset’ in their approach to dealing with sellers.

I had the opportunity to work with some great B2B sellers and sophisticated process driven buyers over the past month from London, Brisbane, Dublin and New York. While working with them, we noted a number of key insights…

When dealing with a company as a supplier, it is important to have more than one contact. It is possible to end up being the victim of an “empire builder” and have no insights into the remainder of the business…

Over the last ten days sales managers in three major firms outlined how their sales process needed to be changed, it wasn’t working and in particular it wasn’t helping to generate new opportunities.

You have no doubt heard the saying ‘discovery is not about seeking out new lands, but looking at existing lands with new eyes’. Well, that pretty much sums up the rationale behind lateral, or creative thinking.

If you are still a salesperson in 2010, firstly congratulations – here are 5 recommended strategies you can employ towards getting on top of your target this year.

Following on from my last blog on the role of procurement I wanted to share some insight and strategies to help identify a win-win outcome with procurement.