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Our job is to use technology to identify and forge genuine connections with leads. Here are a few powerful ways to increase prospect connections using social media.

Buying a business to flip or sell for a profit is a popular trend among savvy investors and entrepreneurs. Knowing what to look for will help sell for nice profits.

Business owners are constantly looking for ways to grow sales and improve business performance. Understanding who your customers are and analyzing their shopping behavior can tell you what’s working, what you need to do to keep your current customers coming back, and how to gain new ones.

It’s surprising how little has been done to make the tried-and-true sales call more effective. Compared to the focus on bleeding-edge technologies that scan the Internet for information about your company, there’s little attention paid to a task thousands of salespeople do every day.

Creating a reliable and repeatable process is key in the success of your sales team. By using CRM software there is less information overload, more organization, and lower costs.

Before you can appeal to your target market, you’ll need to define that market. Who is your buying market — and who is not?

One of the best ways to generate leads for your business is by blogging. As a freelance writer, blogging has […]

Event sales tips that work on your body language, ability to establish rapport and Micro Expression – behavioural Do’s and Dont’s for your sales teams

Nothing drives away a client faster than a badly handled sales call. Is your sales team doing some of these things that clients hate most?

You need to expand, you have invested everything to get this far, now you want to build the world’s greatest sales team. Here is how you go about it.

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