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In most parts of Asia, business cultures can be very opaque and unpredictable. For many western firms looking to leverage Asia’s explosive growth to expand their B2B sales, such business environments can be quite baffling.

As a sales person you receive a certain amount of training that always highlights the main features of whatever you are selling, with your tele sales training/script you are also programmed into ‘knowing’ what your customer wants and how to give that to them. Reality Check! You don’t and neither does your company.

To successfully drive their B2B sales engagements in Asia-Pacific, sales professionals and business executives need to develop compelling business cases in addition to building superior relationships with their enterprise and government prospects.

We have put together the 5 steps you need to qualify hard and early which will abolish the dreary sales approach you may have and put less stress on closing the account.

We have our business up and running, we are covering our costs, we may be making a profit and now we want to grow that profit. Follow these 8 points and you can have a successful commission only sales team who enjoy working for you and will help you grow that profitable future you are looking for.

Our lives now consist of tracking metrics and setting personal targets. So why is it when it comes to tracking business metrics we become inadequately equipped to monitor the important aspects that keep a company riding high?

Much has been said about sales objections. Price, other suppliers, no budget, and many others are cited as the main things that might prevent the prospect from buying. Nothing is further from the truth though.

Contrary to what you might think, a lack of sales is not often caused by your work and the quality of your portfolio but what you do at a sales call. By making small changes you can quickly inject a new life into your sales. Simply.

If Businesses are viewing ‘cold calling’ as a sales activity that they don’t wish to do they are gravely mistaken… […]

Over the past few years ‘Cold-Calling’ had become a favored activity of choice to generate Sales as it is believed you can contact large numbers of ‘prospects’ in a short space of time. BUT, I heard that ‘Cold-Calling’ is dead… I have to disagree and here’s why;