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The biggest sales mistakes relate to not understanding the needs of your company and clients. Understanding and communication are the hallmarks of a good sales strategy.

Why was Christopher Columbus negotiating deals with various thrones to fund his trip across the unknown Atlantic?

He wanted to find a faster route to Asia.

If you still think conducting cold calls is a great way to build your business, think again. Buyers prefer customized service — once they’re ready to buy.

While there are numerous mistakes that sales reps regularly make during calls, these are among the most critical sales call killers that need to be avoided.

B2B marketing isn’t easy. It’s challenging and time-consuming, and the right way to connect with potential customers is always changing.

Here are five sales practices you should be using for every call with your qualified leads.

With the pressure to meet monthly goals, it can be tempting to go out and find more and more leads to push through the pipeline

Attending a trade show is one thing, but being a successful exhibitor at a trade show is another thing. It can be overwhelming, but it’s important to stay calm.

There are still numerous ways to maximize your business success in the industry you have chosen. If you are just starting out, this one’s for you too.

Once you have established your personal skill set, go ahead and follow these 10 straightforward steps to buy a business:

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