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How To Create Reliable And Repeatable Sales Success

Success happens, that much we know. You can see examples of it all around you in the business world today. Microsoft, Apple and other big data companies are pinnacles of achievement, sure, but there are certainly plenty of businesses that have found repeated success in their field, businesses which have built themselves into solid entrepreneurial ventures. Even among your business’s competitors, there are examples of success.

The question is not, “Can my venture prove successful?” The question is, “How can my venture prove successful?” Therein lies the challenge for every entrepreneur. While plenty of potential answers have come and gone over the years, certain key principles of business have remained the same throughout the years, one above all others: a strong relationship with your client leads to regular sales.

How To Create Reliable And Repeatable Sales Success

Those regular sales, in turn, lead to reliable growth which can then lead to success for your business, but let’s focus on this idea of a strong relationship with the client. This can mean a lot of different things to different people, and certainly the idea of taking your client out for a round of golf and drinks springs to mind, but times have changed, and that very personal, old time touch isn’t always what clients are looking for. Beyond which, it is difficult to reliably reproduce the same, successful results with that approach.

A 21st Century Solution…

Today, what your clients are looking for is that you are managing, tracking, and paying special attention to their account. The best way to do this, and to give the impression of doing this as well, is to invest in CRM, or customer relationship management, software. CRM software allows you to create a step-by-step sales

process, from lead generation all the way to sales success, that is reproducible and, in fact, not all that difficult to accomplish.

The success of a salesman under your employ is almost guaranteed when they have the right business software to develop the strong customer relationships that lead to successful sales. It all begins by choosing the right CRM, or customer relationship management, software. CRM software allows your sales staff to log all pertinent information about your client, from their structure and organization to their particular needs, through the sales software suite that CRM offers.

With this data stored, your sales staff can recall and use this information in each successive contact with the client, allowing them to build a detailed account of your business’s relationship with each and every client. Your sales staff can then use this data to enhance their sales abilities, allowing them to attend to every question, concern, and need that the CRM software has tracked.

…With a Very Human Reason for Working

This is precisely the kind of personal attention to detail that clients are looking for in a world that is increasingly mechanized. CRM software doesn’t replace the human element of sales; instead, CRM software enhances the ability of your sales staff to give that special, human touch to every sales experience, every conversation with a client, every new lead and every closed sale.

In other words, CRM is the future of sales in our globalized, interconnected world. As you acquire new clients, each one different from the last, your sales staff’s efficiency and success is threatened by information overload – too much data, and no way to parse it into useful information for their sales efforts.

CRM software is how you parse that information. From start to finish, quality CRM software can track your sales staff’s relationship with each client, allowing them to successfully close more sales than ever before. That is, after all, the goal in the end – to accomplish as many sales as possible, which means as many satisfied customers as possible. Everybody wins, especially you.

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Michael Juba currently resides in Lancaster, PA, where he works as a content marketing strategist for full-service internet marketing agency EZSolution. He enjoys writing about business, marketing, social media, health, technology, travel and just about any topic in between.

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  • Hi Elli, I think this is what just happened here at Bloggertone. We’ve looked at where we would like to take the community and site, what’s already working and what’s not, where we need to get to in the next few months and the longer-term opportunity that exists for everyone, readers, bloggers an the founders. We are already starting to see some pay offs as a result of undertaking this exercise. Thanks for sharing, Niall

  • Anonymous

    Niall,nnThat’s the beauty of this exercise. I often hear how busy small business owners are and I get like that too. However, without an overarching plan, we’re more like hamsters on a wheel. I look forward to seeing how Bloggertone blossoms over the long-term!

  • Hi Elli, nnFor me, it’s about brand building. Why? Because Google is rewarding brands as trusted sites and relegating others. Gotta get that brand out there 🙂

  • Solid advice, Elli. Having gone through the growth/contraction cycle a couple of times I’d add the following to number 2 (Numbers & Stuff): budget. Any business has to know, as close as possible, what it costs to run on a month by month basis; that’s where any analysis of numbers and stuff has to start. nnThis is especially important for small businesses, being out by u20ac500 a month is a u20ac6k gap over a year – and for one-person / small business operation that can be hugely significant. The only way to do it is to record absolutely every expenditure over the course of at least three months – sometimes you’ll see where savings can be made, sometimes you’ll understand where savings MUST be made. nnKnowing, as early as possible, when things have become unsustainable will help you make better informed decisions – leaving things run their course and refusing to face up to tough decisions will only make things far far worse. nnOne thing I’ve learned over the years is that a sale isn’t a sale until the money is in the bank. No amount of promises or good intentions, from even the most normally reliable of clients, will pay the bills. Thankfully we’ve a enough clients who’ve stuck with us through thick and thin, but not every business is that lucky.

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree! Keeping good bookkeeping records is important so the budget can be based on real numbers. That u20ac6k over a year can catch up with a small business in a hurry! When we talk about running a lean business, we’re really talking about not only having accurate financial information but the strength to face challenges and make tough decisions. nnGlad to hear you’ve found a way to remain sustainable! Keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the comment, Ivan! It’s a lot easier to grow when people know you exist. Brand builidng is definitely a tool that requires us to remember SEO and keeping our online content fresh as well as the offline brand building activities.

  • For me, most of the business clients that come to me because they are “stuck”, it is often because they perceive they do not know where to turn, but they often forget who they must turn to first – the CEO/Manager i.e. themselves!!nTrying to teach an old dog new tricks may be near impossible, but teaching oneself and keeping up with the ever changing world of business and sales, is surely easier if done on a continuous basis, that is there are no surprises and no “new” tricks, just better solutions.nnA great read on sales and consultative selling that really brings it together for the Owner/Manager is “Hope is not a strategy” by Rick Page, a must-read for non “sales” people who have to sell – whether a service, a personal brand, or a bespoke solution. We are all sales people, whether we like it or not ;)nnA great post Elli, thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your comment, Elaine! nnTruly you do have to start with yourself-the business owner! Thanks for the reading recommendation! Finding your way of doing sales is a crucial part of one’s strategic plan.

  • Welcome to Tweak Your Biz Michael. It’s amazing how much technology can help with anything these days and streamline processes too. Thanks for sharing your tips with our readers

  • Eric Bryant

    It’s all about having a system in place. It can be a disaster if the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. Having a CRM in place is a must. Great read Michael!.

  • Welcome to Tweak Your Biz Frank. I work from home half the week and must say that I much prefer it. I have to be focussed as the job has to be done – and mainly only I can do it – and I live alone so I don’t get the distractions that some people may with a family. I think it’s certainly something that many should consider as an option though. I look forward to your next post

  • I have studied the concept, The Third Place, for some time and it is interesting to see how we are able to work in different settings nowadays. I have heard some IT companies (e.g., IBM) that don’t have stationary workspaces for every employee, instead they have to use mobile desks depending who is in and who is on the road.

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