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How to amazingly sell yourself

Business proposal is not just about papers.  Prepare the best business proposal, complete with 3-binding ring and hard cover, you would still face the probability of being rejected. Believe me, if you could sell yourself, you may just need a paper that wrote “You’re the one in loss if you don’t buy my ideas”. So, how on earth can I sell myself?

Tag yourself a price

Woo…not for others, for yourself.
Place price on yourself. Are you worth it? Do other people see you with that price? Example, you said that you’re a 1 million dollar business entrepreneur. Does it fit you? Is every word you say sellable? Does everyone agree with your ideas even before you can say “good day”? If you realize that you’re not that expensive, be humble.  However, don’t act like you’re cheap. You’ll sound like a butcher selling meat rather than a business man selling his ideas.

Don’t Dress up like you’re the mannequin of a superstore

Be smart. Do not wear clothes you wear for dinner or party. Dress up with formal clothes with a nice pair of shoes. You might have to leave behind that “ bling” bag that might be your favourite. Opt for a formal handbag (if you are women) or briefcase. It makes you look professional.

Let the Mirror in the wall tell you who you are

The best place to practice your proposal & presentation is the mirror. Don’t just smile to it to see the colour of your lipstick. Practice how you pronounce words. Examine if any saliva would drip when you present a 30 minutes proposal. Look at the position of your hands. Are they waving here and there or do they move according to your ideas? If the mirror cracks after a few exercises, you better check your tone. It might be too pitchy.

Last but not least. Be yourself (not the one you use when flirting). Being yourself will create a sense of confidence. Remember, when you come out to the public to sell your ideas, you’re actually selling yourself. Your attitude, image and body language will say how much you are worth. People will buy you (YOUR IDEAS) if you’re worth it 😉 .

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Salam and Hi, Well, my name is Noor Azlin Mohamad. I am 27 years old mother of two lovely daughter Farahiyya Najwa (3 years) and Ainnur Mardhiah (1 month). I'm married to my super supporting husband, Zainal Abidin bin Zom and now we are living happily in Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia. I recently graduated from IIUM with Ba. in Nursing and currently a full time blogger .

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  • Patrick Lane

    Excellent Paddy, the Revenue are supposed to amend PAYE taxpayers’ liability where they find that the standard credits have not been applied properly. However, what a lot of people forget to do is to make claims for those credits on your list that only crystalise at the end of the year. SO the motto is always file your return, it may be worth a lot of money to you.

  • Hello all Thanks for the comments Paddy

  • Hi Nooraz, Welcome to Bloggertone! I think your advice about being yourself is the most important, everything else flows from there in my opinion. Thanks for sharing, Niall

  • Thanks for your post. You’re right on target: leave that “bling bag” at home. Looking professional is the ultimate goal: from head to toe, our image must reflect what we want to share with our clients and the rest of the world. Practice, practice, practice when getting ready for your important presentation.

    Lyudmila Bloch, Business Etiquette Expert and Coach

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