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What is NLP?

NLP was the brainchild of Richard Bandler, a mathematician and John Grinder, a linguist. Their ambition was to design models of how effective people do things and to transfer that knowledge to others. They began their studies in 1976. Their original work involved “modeling” successful therapists like Milton Erickson (the father of modern hypnotherapy), Virginia Satir (the mother of family system therapy), and Fritz Perls (a leader in the Gestalt therapy movement).

Because much of the early modeling was done with therapists, it has a psychological twist to it; however, it is now branching into other fields like sales, business, organizational development, comedy, screen writing and athletics.

Today NLP is described as: NLP is a collection of communication skills.

NLP is a set of change techniques that is an effective therapeutic model.

NLP is a self-help discipline.

NLP is a method of learning athletic skills quickly and easily.

NLP is a series of sales techniques.

NLP is a way of questioning that allows you to uncover information that is missing, unconscious, or hidden, so that you can understand a communication fully.

NLP is a model of human subjective experience.

NLP is a set of presuppositions that allow humans to grow.

NLP is a collection of skills for influencing people while maintaining your integrity and respecting theirs.

NLP is a way to build stronger, more enjoyable relationships.

NLP is a detailed understanding of how people learn and how to teach them.

NLP is a model for business behaviours: coaching skills, leading by example, and open, authentic communication that builds and maintains trust, commitment, and responsibility between employees.

NLP is a way to recognize and change problematic family patterns.

The applications for NLP are endless.
Since the birth of the technology close to 30 years ago, new NLP practitioners have emerged and added new patterns and theories. Most notably are Steve and Connierae Andreas and Robert Dilts.

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  • Defining NLP is somewhat challenging, simply because it may be used in so many different methods. It is generally a way of nearing self improvement, and it can be prolonged to increase a person’s cultural abilities. NLP is often regarded a technological innovation – rather than a technological innovation – because it concentrates on what performs rather than trying to come up with an overarching concept. In reality, it is designed to provide experts a set of resources through which they can stay better, bigger life, illustrating on noticed habits from others to consider what these resources might be.

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