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Nine Hidden Buyer Questions

Do you need to build a telesales script or a sales presentation? Here is an easy to follow plan to build your script or a presentation; take time to answer the following nine hidden buyer questions. I call them the nine hidden buyer questions because these are the questions your prospective customers may not ask but do need answered to make a positive decision.

Nine Hidden Buyer Questions: –

1. Why should I take your call you?

2. Why should I take time to listen to you?

3. What’s my problem?

4. What benefits have you to offer my business?

5. How will you support these benefits?

6. Why should I trust you?

7. Why should I trust your company?

8. Why should I make a decision to proceed?

9. Why should I proceed today?

Write out your answers to the nine buyer questions, you will discover it will keep your presentation focused and on track.

Do you know of more hidden questions?

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  • Colly, I really like this approach towards building an effective presentation.

    This is kinda covered but

    How will you deal with any problems?

    Great advice, I like it a lot!


  • Anonymous

    Plain and simple. Great! That´s like a sales course in one page!

  • Anonymous

    Very succinct Colly. Knowing the answers will give one more confidence when presenting or making the sales call.

  • A really neat summary of buyer questions! Nice one.

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