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Top Sales Experts Ebook – Autumn Edition

Top Sales Experts International is the most successful, innovative and inspiring collection of professional sales gurus ever assembled in one location”

I joined the TSE team earlier this year and they are a truly inspiring group of International sales leaders. Jonathan Farrington is the TSE captain and has acted as a good friend and mentor to me on many occasions.

To celebrate the launch of Bloggertone – he has very kindly offered the new TSE Autumn ebook completely FREE to Bloggertone readers. It’s another absolutely brilliant sales ebook from Jonathan and the TSE team.

Just Click on the banner below to download

TSE E-Book Fall Edition 2009

I would openly encourage anyone involved in sales and developing business to join the TSE site as a VIP member….. It’s a great sales resource that offers simply amazing value for money – Make sure you check it out!

Digital expert, top 10% influencer with over 10 years’ senior management experience - including managing projects and teams, and growing companies in the Irish, international and online marketplaces. Co-founded one of the largest B2B blogs in the world, helped grow a B2B social media to over 1,000,000 members, created the strategy for one of the most effective SME Facebook pages in the world and have grown 3 business websites (, & to in excess of a 100,000 unique visitors per month. Have consulted and worked with both corporate and SME clients on leveraging digital to drive business KPIs. Speaker at industry events, have authored several industry reports on the Digital Economy and appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Business Insider and other leading online and offline business publications. Specialities include: Entrepreneurship Business Development, Start-ups, Business Planning, Management, Training, Leadership, Sales Management, Sales, Sales Process, Coaching, Online Advertising, Blogging, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media Strategist, Digital Strategy, Social Media ROI, User Generated Content, Social Customer Care.

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  • Anonymous

    Great Article Una. I think you touch on it in your post, but the first thing many businesses should do when looking to target International markets is to establish if your product offering is suitable for foreign markets, one should not assume that going International is right for your business. There are positive and negative triggers for a business which is looking to go International, positives may be that you have spotted an opportunity or that going International was embedded as part of the early strategy of the business. While negative triggers maybe excess production capacity or a saturated market at home. Assessment of personal and business readiness is a key foundation on which to base your decision to go International.

    Following on from this, Competitor Analysis is a must and a I find a Grid like the example you have given is a very effective starting point. Market research provides critical information to facilitate decision making. When carrying out analysis it is important to ensure that information gathered is both relevent and timely, this is particularly the case when gathering information online. Building up competitive intelligence is essential but not always an easy task, obtaining information from private companies can prove difficult. While you have a comprehensive list of means of obtaining intelligence, if at all possible it is important to try and talk to competitor’s customers and establish what motivated them to buy the product. People are resistant to change and the status quo can often be the toughest competitor of all. It is important to plan your research, remember it is an investment. As Sun-tzu states in his book ‘The Art of War’: “Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted.”

  • Hi Una – super article, and also excellent added commentary from Michael. Thanks guys – as someone who will be venturing abroad with the product, this was insightful.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Michael and Barney for taking time to consider artice and give your own comments. There are 2 more in this series on competitive intelligence gathering.


  • Thought provoking post Una and very relevant pointers to key cornerstones to have in place before branching out internationally. I firmly believe that once the key decisions are made and the market is right for the product or service – being prepared for marketing warfare is crucial and your ‘brand arsenal’ critical to win hearts and minds. Looking forward to the series. Sharon

  • Without gathering good quaility Competitive intelligence for international markets you are heading for uncharted waters. Going international is tough enough and without knowning what you are getting yourself in to, it becomes almost impossible and very dangerous for your business.

    Your blog post has outlined the basic steps required to enable success abroad, giving Irelands current economic state and the fact that we have a relativily small home economy, it is important spread the risk internationally.

    Mark Cahill MBA BEng

  • great post nice point and the picture explain very well vert useful

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