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To flog or to sell?

Sales professionals often refer to the Selling process having a number of stages/steps.  Below is a diagram of a typical sales cycle. In this blog we are going to give some focus to the 2nd stage in this cycle – The Fact Finding Conversation / Need Analysis.


For some there is the notion that successful selling is about “winning orders” from prospect customers by any means necessary. BUT for true sales professionals the recommendation to buy and the asking for an order can only take place after a thorough fact finding conversation.  Also known as “Solution Selling”, this technique is only successful once a prospect has accepted there is a “pain point” (Need).

Top sales people the world over spend time developing techniques and tactics to conduct natural fact-finding conversations, which get prospects to open up and willing to explore business needs.

In essence, a sales negotiation is often “won or lost” on how defendable the persuasive argument is – the best way to build such a case is to build one based on the words and terms used by a prospect during the fact-finding conversation.

So what does succesful selling mean to you?

Anthony is a graduate of UCD Michael Smurfit School of business and has over twelve years Business Development and Sales Management experience both in Ireland and the UK. Prior to founding Product2Market, Anthony worked within the Software, Advertising and Music Industries and launched a number of successful products within the Irish & UK markets.

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