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Ever notice how many bloggers tell you to be Authentic? A quick search on Google returns 62 million results. So it’s obviously important. But what is it? And, more important, how do you become more authentic?

Content is King! You’ve heard it so many times. Indeed, when you hear this phrase from experts week, week out, it’s hard to believe that it could not be true. Could it?

Remember when you were a kid and your mother would say, ‘Be nice – it’s good to be good?’ Bet you didn’t know that your mother understood Social Media karma, did you?

If you are using Social Media for your small business strategy will help keep you on the right track. These 2 keys will help you unlock Social Media success.

Just thought I would share how I go about blogging for a company. I am currently working for I’m aware that there are plenty of other strategies to explore…

You learn from the masters, right? According to Ad Age, Seth ranks number one on their Power 150 web marketing blogs. If he’s having a down day, he may fall all the way to number two. Don’t worry. Check back…

I am currently on work experience with an Irish company called Recently, The O2 Idea’s Room ran a competition where they asked Irish companies to pitch their business idea in 140 characters or less via Twitter, SMS or on the O2 Idea’s Room Blog