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8 reasons why you should replace email with social networking, and 8 reasons why you should not. Also read further tips and advice for organisation policies

The social media revolution is passing some people by and it’s no surprise really. There are lots of facts and fiction about what social media can do for your business. And many folks are thinking about how they should kick start their social media programme or are looking at social media training. So why is managing it in-house your best bet.

The digital landscape is changing. The search engines, social mediaand advertising as we know it, are going to require a whole new game, new set of rules and possibly a script. Confused? I’m talking about the era of social celebrities.

I’ve come across many different reactions to competition: some sulk, some cry, some
scream, some punch the wall (seen that happen twice), some calmly sit down, some make tea,
and some ….smile.

Has anyone else noticed the similarity between social media and a courtship? A number of key terminology certainly suggests it is, so if we treat…

Too Busy To Blog

Actually, I really don’t have time to blog, my life is so busy. But I think about it all the time, I think to myself “I really should sit down and spend an hour researching and writing a blog”. Then I think…

Reached the point where your online presence is positively dull and lacks luster? Your digital self can shimmer and glow just as radiantly with an online makeover. Here’s how!

Put it on my Tab

With more and more job seekers and business professionals using Facebook to network and build and nurture relationships online. Many of us are concerned about the blurred lines between business…

Social networking is a must, in my opinion for every business. I suppose it’s more important for some than others, but that’s a discussion for another day.

So I’m a freelancer…where should I advertise my services? There are so many options available.