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Here are some social media tools that will help you establish strong presence on social media:

There is almost an endless number of tools for social media marketers that can help you sift through all of the information, speed up your posting, focus your messaging, and more.

Looking for the right social media tool? Here’s the top performers of 2015

Ian Cleary is the founder and CEO of Razorsocial, is a writer for Social Media Examiner, will be speaking at Social Media Marketing World, and was named one of the top 100 B2B marketers mentioned on Twitter in the US Q1 2013.

Móna Wise started her blog when she returned to Ireland with her family in 2007. Very much a personal blog initially, it is now becoming a mix of a personal and business blog as Móna plans to use her blog and facebook page to promote her cookery book cum autobiography which will be published next year.

The first time I encountered a Facebook page with posting guidelines for the community I assumed that it was there for legal reasons. Having had to recently deal with low level spamming on my own page, and at times being indecisive of how to deal with it, the idea of posting guidelines suddenly made sense.