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Here are 5 goofs you want to avoid above all else with Facebook Marketing

Through the help of Facebook apps, many businesses are acquiring clients and seeing success with their sales and marketing efforts.

If you have a business and want to spread the word about it, you should be making use of Facebook. You should create a strategy for the platform to make the most out of it. And you need to have various Facebook marketing components, in order to make the campaign successful.

This March I attended Social Media Marketing World in San Diego and while I was there I met Alex Houg, the twenty year old CEO of BlitzMetrics. I have been watching Alex’s journey from afar over the past number of months and wondered, what could this young CEO teach me about Facebook marketing?

I came across Starbucks and they are clearly using modern technology to their advantage. Let’s take a look at how Starbucks uses Facebook and Mobile to get their message across and create engagement with their customers.

Many companies are afraid of social media…. some are afraid of being involved, some are afraid of not being involved. Which is worse?

It is therefore not surprising that hotels are also at the forefront of the social media revolution and are setting the groundwork where other industries will no doubt follow. The Clanard Court Hotel in Athy, Co. Kildare is one Irish hotel that is embracing social media with a highly targeted Facebook campaign.

I recently had one very refreshing conversation with a marketing director in the FMCG industry. This particular individual was very clear about the role of social media in their marketing plan – it had one core purpose: to communicate their brand to a younger audience

Customised Facebook landing tabs have been growing in popularity for small businesses. Free and low cost applications such as Pagemodo allow you to easily create your own ‘Welcome page’ and…

Everybody has a couple of friends they admire or even envy. The kind of friends that you sit at a table with only to find yourself zoning-out and pondering, “What would life be like in their shoes?” Now imagine…