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What are the ways you could develop your content strategy? In content marketing, you have to set a few goals for every one of your projects.

Embracing content marketing is a must these days. But when you are doing that, it is essential that you avoid the common content marketing mistakes.

Google’s Panda update penalises low quality sites and rewards high quality ones. Learn how to adapt your content strategy to thrive in a post Panda world.

Do you just create content, write blog posts and share articles whenever you feel inspired? if you do, you need a content strategy.

Content marketing is big business, with the industry experiencing significant growth over the past year. Brands of all sizes are […]

Just over a year ago Beatrice Whelan left her own business “Website Extraordinaire” to take on the role of Social […]

Webpage owners (This includes all pages online) will be pleased to hear that heat maps can unravel the mystery of what visitors are looking at on their websites and social media page