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Are you fed up of doom and gloom merchants in the media peddling stories about the woes of Ireland Inc – questioning if the country can escape its current mire? Need an antidote? Here’s a social media success story for SMEs you should know about. It’s called the #SMEcommunity – one of the fastest growing social media driven business networks for SMEs in Ireland.

Do you already write a business blog or are you about to start one as part of your new year’s resolutions? Whether you’re an old hand or a young pretender, there is much to be said for learning from the best in the business.

Blogging is a great base against which to conduct your social media campaign. It can be a highly powerful mechanism for attracting and retaining customers. It takes time and effort though to be successful and should not be the only avenue for business development.

We are often all challenged in our business lives. We are often told that what we do is not unique or not good enough. We can become despondent. We are told that we are wrong. We are not wrong. We all have a vision and the capability to drive that vision to success.

I’m sometimes asked where I go to for social media know-how, the simple answer is that virtually everything you need to know is available online.