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If you have a business and you need to build a new sales pipeline there are number of ways that you can generate completely new leads.

Business cards can be distributed almost everywhere. They can also be given to almost anybody. Everyone out there is a potential customer to the business, so everyone is entitled to be aware of it

Rapport can be described as that nice warm feeling and good chemistry we feel when we are in communication with another person or group of people. Generally what is happening is that the value systems are in sync, and people are always looking for the good in the other person.

Many of us regularly attend business networking events. Have you ever wondered if there’s a fast track to be in the spotlight so more people remember you and your company?

What a pointless exercise: going to a network event to sell your brand, business or latest product, when everyone is there to do exactly the same thing. There is nothing more frustrating than coming home with 28 busines cards…

Networking is all about communication. This communication is a two-way process. You are networking to communicate your message, but more importantly, you are networking to communicate with others, to listen to them and figure out how you can help them achieve their goals.