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In early May, GM made a big announcement. Not about a new product line or a CEO or the kind […]

There have also been studies that suggest that increasingly consumers are looking more and more to independent sources, like online reviews and expert bloggers, for advice on what products and brands to chose with their increasingly limited budgets. The premise being that they see advertising as making overblown and exaggerated claims.

So, just how do you make a connection with people if you or your customers don’t particularly like the web?
Well, as time and industry have moved on it may cost you more but some of the businesses I’ve spoken with strongly believe in and practice some of the following

The use of hashtags is a great idea because Twitter users can make them their own and generate conversation (and content) around them, connecting with not only the brand but also each other. However, be warned, promoted hashtags should be approached with care, specifically because Twitter uses can make them their own …

In the world of digital marketing, we have the ability to measure these triggers and events, which pinpoint the cause and effect of any given campaign or project. This we call ‘causality marketing’.

In last month’s post, I discussed the thought process of B2C (Business to Consumer) customers. Today, we’re going to look at how B2B (Business to Consumer) customers think.

If I had a euro for every person I’ve spoken to over the last ten years who thought that B2B […]

My final installment, part 4 of these “Avoiding bad practices” series, addresses the role of segmentation and targeting and how it changed one little business. As a treat, I’ve written a true story…

Advertising is just one part of marketing and the people that I mentor know that they will have to invest a portion of their budget…

Reached the point where your online presence is positively dull and lacks luster? Your digital self can shimmer and glow just as radiantly with an online makeover. Here’s how!