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Be smart and do real market research to make sure your idea has legs before starting a business based on a new product or service.

Whenever Steve Jobs had something to say, people listened—at least for much of his career in business—and for good reason.

When launching a new product, it’s important to understand your business’s unique SEO needs, hire the right consultant, and communicate effectively to achieve the best possible business results

At last – digital is finally becoming accessible in a place that we can all appreciate it to the full – the street! As radical digital advancements move offline, not only are we seeing the technology divide slip away, but we can experience digital is a more physical (and natural) way.

Whether you’re a long-time retailer or a start-up, the rules of selling online are much the same. Everything you do is centered around three areas: people, products and promotion.

In a previous post entitled “If your company or brand went out of business, would anyone notice or care”, I spoke about what kills – and what makes – successful companies and brands. One of these was the idea that brands are created by “visionaries”, but throttled slowly into decline and death by “caretakers”. I wanted to expand that idea and thought – and give some examples of those who have done it. And ask what are you?

If your company or brand went out of business would anyone notice? Honest answer? One of the most important questions any company or brand should ask itself is: if your company went out of business, would anyone really notice or care?

I recently had one very refreshing conversation with a marketing director in the FMCG industry. This particular individual was very clear about the role of social media in their marketing plan – it had one core purpose: to communicate their brand to a younger audience

You are a professional. What are you selling? Are you selling time? Ask yourself if you measure the success of a professional by how long it took them to “do the job”.

If I had a euro for every person I’ve spoken to over the last ten years who thought that B2B […]

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