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Mark Shaw is an author, Twitter consultant, trainer and enjoys speaking to large audiences as a public speaker, in fact the larger the audience the better. He also loves a good radio or tv interview, all on the subject of Twitter. So I thought I would ask Mark how he got involved with Twitter and who his idol is plus what he has planned for his new venture. He also gets to share some Twitter tips on the way.

Every day I see tweets from Jeff Bullas linking to his Social Media and Online Marketing blog posts – and they are all an excellent read. He knows his stuff and conveys it to his audience in an engaging way. Being listed in the Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencers is just one of his many achievements. So you can imagine my delight when Jeff agreed to me interviewing him. He tells me about the young Jeff Bullas, his background and how he got involved in Social Media, even giving us some tips too.

With the newest Twitter header it’s essential that you maximize this redesign to help your branding or social media marketing.

I read an article just today where it was confirmed that Facebook are currently testing a new feature that – in my opinion – may become as popular and ubiquitous as the ‘Like’ button. This feature is the ‘Want’ button, and is a way for users to announce their desire or interest in a particular product or service within the walls of the social network. The ‘Want’ button should function in the same way as the Like button. If you ‘want’ a product, you hit the button in much the same way as you hit ‘Like’ to publicly announce your approval or admiration for a particular status update.

The changing pace of technology into real time communications means we could be killing ourselves slowly, but is this behaviour healthy? If you remember a day where no mobile phone would ring in your pocket, or the latest news would be published at the break of dawn, then you will certainly be able to appreciate the effect of real time communications in today’s world.

When A Blog Becomes A Business: Hunters Lodge Living – read about how a hobby blog can become a very successful small and thriving business.

The following post is a joint collaboration between Elish Bul-Godley (@elishbulgodley) and Neil Sisson (@neilsisson).  Not everyone can afford to hire a marketing consultant, […]

If you go to the Arctic Ready website, you will see a site very similar to Shell’s main corporate website. […]

Return on investment is a top concern for many businesses, particularly those in smaller organisations where marketing budgets and personnel can be restricted or even non-existent. People are frequently so concerned with doing that apart from sales they’re not actively measuring what’s working for them. So I’ve put together a list of 10 metrics to keep an eye on which won’t will give a snapshot of whether something has changed or needs work.

Twitter has nearly half a billion registered users and there are 175 million tweets every day. It’s big! Here are 14 posts giving good reasons to be on Twitter, how to maintain and not lose followers, how to tweet well and lots of other handy tips you may find useful.