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Gamification can help boost customer engagement in three key areas: improving customer service, simplifying onboarding, and encouraging participation in your loyalty program.

Small business often make common SEO mistakes that hurt their online presence. Click here to find out what the mistakes are and how to avoid them.

With a social media marketing plan in place, you can reach billions of people. Facebook alone commands an incredibly large number of users from across the globe.

Does your business or career success depend on your knowledge of the most current digital marketing tactics?

Here are 5 goofs you want to avoid above all else with Facebook Marketing

For successful marketing on Facebook; generate sales, leads and increase brand awareness, businesses need to be creative not only with their content but also with the way in which they communicate with fans.

While nearly half of all small businesses actively use social media to market to customers, many small business owners overlook the importance of social media for building their own personal brands,

Instagram is one of the most efficient visual marketing platforms, but it’s also the hardest one. It’s hard to stand out on Instagram

If you want to get better at marketing, turn to the experts for sage advice. I talked to my network of marketers, writers, and branding pros to see what tips they had for you to be uber productive in your marketing this year. Check out these great marketing quotes from those in the know.

If you are already on the platform, here are some of the must-have tools to keep your Instagram marketing topped up.

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