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Social proof as a marketing tool has become more important than remarketing, advertising and even discounts and offers. Statistics show that 7/10 Americans browse online and read consumer reviews before making a buying decision.

Pinterest is an absolutely legitimate place for small business owners to create buzz for their brands. Keep reading for a few tips that you can use to leverage Pinterest for your small business

Facebook Ads are great for your business. It is important to follow the best target marketing tips to ensure that your Facebook marketing is at its best.

It’s important that your business is able to reach your target audience where they hang out online. That is why social media and digital marketing are key to bolstering your bottom line in 2017.

A university is no longer limited by walls, but new challenges await. Pay attention to 8 mistakes that are common to online courses marketing techniques.

Social media is a great tool for building your brand and for retaining and attracting customers. In a time when almost 80 percent of Americans have at least one social media profile, social media is an essential marketing tool for businesses.

The Trump campaign is a model for marketers everywhere: despite setbacks and negative press, Trump reached his core audience and moved them to action. How did he do that?

We will start from the basics and progress towards the more advanced. This is how to start converting Twitter followers into cash.

Facebook Marketing Plan: 10 Tips to drive traffic and conversions to your e-commerce landing pages. Launch your business with a bang and a plan!

Bloggers can follow social media tips to grow their reader base. Social guest blogging, marketing on video hosting sites, using LinkedIn Pulse can help them

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