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Dark social describes the portion of ‘direct traffic’ website visits that come from social shares, but that can’t be quantified. Learn more …

There are lots of ways to leverage crowdsourcing for the simple sake of marketing your brand.

8 Pinteresting New Year Resolutions for 2013 to ensure you maximise your marketing success using this popular & successful social media platform, Pinterest

we have seen a shift to online marketing over the past 15 years as search engines, social media sites and corporate websites vie for the attention of the Internet searching public.

I first came across Cendrine Marrouat and her Creative Ramblings on Bizsugar. After reading her post the first time I have since always made a point of looking out for Cendrine’s posts as they are always so interesting. We got chatting on Twitter and have since kept in touch on a regular basis – it’s possible I’m even being included in her new eBook.

Mark explains how he got the idea for Audioboo and how big it has grown in such a short time; he also shares some business tips and his favourite Audioboos.

Okay, name the last time you had a video chat using your social networking account on Facebook and Twitter. No, no, fancy add-ons don’t count. Just straight video chat without having to put in the extra effort. Anyone? Anyone?

Well, so long Facebook and Twitter, GooglePlus just took the lead.

This post highlights the top 5 rocking social concepts (and digital) to hit the internet pre-Christmas 2012. You’ll be amazed how the theme of ‘giving’ has spread across the internet like viral wildfire to include weekly giving offers, yearly charity crusades and one off hyped up events.

Mark Shaw is an author, Twitter consultant, trainer and enjoys speaking to large audiences as a public speaker, in fact the larger the audience the better. He also loves a good radio or tv interview, all on the subject of Twitter. So I thought I would ask Mark how he got involved with Twitter and who his idol is plus what he has planned for his new venture. He also gets to share some Twitter tips on the way.

5 Top SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an organic science. It grows and reacts to the atmosphere around it. That atmosphere can be the search engines themselves or it can be the changing habits of internet users. Today, we’re taking a look at five issues and how you can work on ways to improve your search engine ranking. It’s DIY SEO you could say. Here are my SEO tips.