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If you go to the Arctic Ready website, you will see a site very similar to Shell’s main corporate website. […]

What is a digital agency and how can they help your business? I talked to Dave Antrobus of Grafton Media, sponsors of the BizSugar Rock Your Biz competition & Blog Awards Ireland.

Are you using Pinterest yet to market your business? Many infographics and articles about Pinterest quote statistics demonstrating the exponential growth of this relatively new social media platform, highlighting extreme success stories and telling you that women aged 25-44 are the most popular users. Having fun with Pinterest is one thing but if you are using it to market your business, you need to know if it is delivering results

Whether you’re a long-time retailer or a start-up, the rules of selling online are much the same. Everything you do is centered around three areas: people, products and promotion.

In early May, GM made a big announcement. Not about a new product line or a CEO or the kind […]

I had a chance to interview one of Northern Ireland’s most celebrated social media strategists, Bill McCartney; and here are his top tips on what it really takes to get noticed online

Return on investment is a top concern for many businesses, particularly those in smaller organisations where marketing budgets and personnel can be restricted or even non-existent. People are frequently so concerned with doing that apart from sales they’re not actively measuring what’s working for them. So I’ve put together a list of 10 metrics to keep an eye on which won’t will give a snapshot of whether something has changed or needs work.

Digital marketers that only measure cold hard statistics are starting to shiver like the Mammoths during the ice age, because as we enter the age of social, the online world is beginning to heat up as everybody expresses online love in a tangible way. To coin a phase – we are adopting esocial.

For too long, marketers have been saying that content is “king” without really knowing what that means. Far too many marketers have produced far too much content that largely gets ignored. Far too many marketers don’t produce enough content. Far too few marketers realise the importance of communities in which to distribute their content. If money is tight in B2B marketing, we need to innovate – here’s how you can do that with your content.

Twitter has nearly half a billion registered users and there are 175 million tweets every day. It’s big! Here are 14 posts giving good reasons to be on Twitter, how to maintain and not lose followers, how to tweet well and lots of other handy tips you may find useful.