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How to Tweak Your Marketing Campaign with Animated Explainer Video

Using video transcripts as captions is one of the important aspects of video marketing, not only from SEO & indexing but also from user perspective.

Things are changing for online retailers. In fact, visual commerce has put such issues away, making it critical to online stores and brands.

Many smaller businesses still aren’t aware of the advantages of using these VoIP technologies over traditional telecommunications. Here you can get ideas about VoIP technologies, video conferencing and global VoIP services.

Do you want to get more views on YouTube, but you rarely ever break into the 1000s? This article will explain, with examples, how famous YouTubers do it.

Testimonials are good, but they really come alive in video form. To connect with your prospects, your testimonial videos should address these 3 questions.

If you thought marketing and commerce were migrating online, you were right. In 2016, it’s even more of the same

Craft the best marketing plan outline with campaign tactics to influence and entice shoppers. The following includes examples of marketing strategies to use during Christmas Eve.

Video is a fantastic way of connecting with your audience. It’s grown in popularity in recent years as practically any device can stream videos uninterrupted.

DigitasLBi interviewed some of the industry’s top creators, distributors and thought leaders. The result is a video series of ‘revelations’ that candidly discusses some of the most pressing questions facing digital marketing today – from millennials, to big data, to the (inevitable?) death of television.

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