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We have highlighted 12 of the best marketing strategies that you should be using as part of your business plan in order to separate you from other small business competitors and close down some sure-fire sales.

Millennial-first marketing misses the point by painting an entire generation of customers as completely alien from what came before. Using a variety of strategies…

Starting on a new business can be overwhelming on so many levels, financially in particular. You need to promote your company correspondingly, by discovering new and affordable means of uplifting your brand.

Embracing content marketing is a must these days. But when you are doing that, it is essential that you avoid the common content marketing mistakes.

These days, having a disgruntled employee is more than just a nuisance. It can flow over to review sites and do serious damage to your brand’s reputation.

In web design, a call to action or CTA is a term used to describe those elements of a web page that require the user to take a particular action, and is particularly useful in measuring user experience (UX) or engagement in particular.

Ad injection is unwanted programs that inject new ads on the web page and may irritate you sometime during browsing the website.

What drives millennials? How can you align your brand with their values, beliefs and habits? Marketing to millennials needn’t be a slippery slope.

Companies that are based in Asia and the Asia-Pacific face many challenges when it comes to social media for their business.

SEO solutions enable sellers to enhance symmetry of information and bridge the disconnect using digital marketing solutions to create a profitable model.

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