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Just over a year ago Beatrice Whelan left her own business “Website Extraordinaire” to take on the role of Social […]

Marketing in business, especially for a small business, can arguably be considered the most important key to success. You could […]

Being a solo-entrepreneur is not as bad as it seems. For instance, you can get some of the promotion done on a budget. Here are 5 things to start with.

Dark social describes the portion of ‘direct traffic’ website visits that come from social shares, but that can’t be quantified. Learn more …

Hiring a copywriter can be quite a challenge for a business. It’s not simply a case of handing over a few press releases or your website plan. Copywriters take a partnership approach, working with you every step of the way to create sparkling copy.

Follow this three step plan and you’ll get the results you’re looking for from your copywriter.

There are lots of ways to leverage crowdsourcing for the simple sake of marketing your brand.

we have seen a shift to online marketing over the past 15 years as search engines, social media sites and corporate websites vie for the attention of the Internet searching public.

Running a small business is an exciting venture that can lead to the financial freedom simple employees work their whole lives to attain. However, with the great rewards come great risks that can lead us small business owners to financial failures.

Mark explains how he got the idea for Audioboo and how big it has grown in such a short time; he also shares some business tips and his favourite Audioboos.

Okay, name the last time you had a video chat using your social networking account on Facebook and Twitter. No, no, fancy add-ons don’t count. Just straight video chat without having to put in the extra effort. Anyone? Anyone?

Well, so long Facebook and Twitter, GooglePlus just took the lead.