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A channel that drives a small engagement but drives highly converting audience is worth keeping. Here’s how to connect online and in-store buying cycle using Facebook.

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Here’s a quick look at the most common marketing mistakes committed by gym owners which can also apply to other businesses too.

Invest the time and resources that your brand deserves now, and your business will see the benefits for years to come. From building brand awareness, to establishing brand loyalty, the intangible quality of your brand will have long-lasting impact on your success.

Are you maximizing your small business’ revenue potential through Pinterest marketing yet? Find out how you can better tap into the power of Pinterest.

Net Promoter Score, also known as NPS, is a relatively new marketing tool that savvy companies are adding to their strategic marketing metrics. It works on a simple enough premise, that essentially all your customers can be classified into one of three categories.

List building; it’s central to online marketing success. If you’re leaving it somewhat to chance let’s lay out, in simple terms, the strategies that are proven winners.

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The Dublin Hardware Hackathon, the first of it’s kind, attempted to follow in the footsteps of numerous successful software hackathon events that had previously taken place. The concept of a hackathon is that a weekend location is found, and promoted to the relevant community.

When we first start out in business we perform research or at least should and we list the very important keys to our business to give us guidance and understanding of what we need to say and write for our marketing. As the business grows, we can lose our way and forget these points, especially if everything is going well. As soon as new competition comes into the picture, we need to reassess the situation and use these points below to stabilise the business and change direction.