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Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of other freelancers out there? Here are my top seven ways for freelancers to stand out.

Being a one (wo)man band or solopreneur isn’t easy neither in music nor in business. Though I have never regretted the decision

There are too many articles about entrepreneurship out there saying the same thing

Maybe the key to productivity during off time is to treat it as you do your work and organize your time effectively.

Are you using GCT (Goals, Content, Targeting), MAA (Metrics, Analysis, Action) and token analysis fees to screen the right clients for your business?

Take the risk out of freelance logo design by harnessing the power of the crowd. Find out the benefits of crowdsourcing logo design for your business.

If you are a small business or a freelancer looking for more online exposure then guest blogging is a great way to expand your content marketing strategy.

Do you blog or promote affiliate programs? Then maybe you’re writing the content yourself or perhaps outsourcing this part to other experienced individuals. Regardless, you need to know why and how.

If you are going to put a photo of two business people shaking hands up on your website then why not take a photo of YOU shaking the hand of one of your current customers and put this up on your website…

The internet is open to all and publicly available. All can contribute and all can read. You can never be sure on the Internet that what you are reading is a fact or correct. The only real way is trial and error…

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