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The increase in communication channels doesn’t lead to positive customer experience. In fact, only 22% of the consumers say that the communication used by retailers is usually relevant.

It is important for all businesses to address clients’ complaints promptly and effectively. They should ensure that their customers receive excellent service at all times.

Customer retention, happiness and loyalty make strong business (and steady income) no matter your industry, but what happens when customers change their mind and make an exit?

Millennial-first marketing misses the point by painting an entire generation of customers as completely alien from what came before. Using a variety of strategies…

No matter how much the online shopping experience gains momentum, there is still a charm in visiting a store, using ecommerce and shop for yourself.

Your customers are your company’s lifeblood. Everyone knows their importance, and how much effort is placed on making sure they are satisfied with the service or product you provide. Without them, your business would be nothing.

The best way to positively impact a sense of loyalty among existing customers – is to make them enthusiastic about doing business with you.

We need to acknowledge the fact that brand loyalty is among the most difficult and prized assets for businesses to acquire, or it was anyway.

This post will help you uncover the psychologies that affect customer behavior and persuade them to fill in the form and become a quality lead.

How much will the popular CRM systems for small business like Zoho, Insightly, and Nimble cost your company?

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