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A Single Customer View (SCV) helps marketers with their dream of unified data. But how else can it benefit and how do Customer Data Platforms fit in?

Since, smartphones and tablets have completely changed the picture of eCommerce landscape, consumers are using eCommerce apps more than ever.

There are many different applications for content. But the most valuable and noble use of content is for the purpose of education.

Sales and marketing, product development, legal, financials … There are plenty of things to think about when your startup is […]

Automated customer service has a bad rep for a reason. Most consumers prefer speaking to a real person when they need help.

It’s critical to keep your ear to the ground and listen to the feedback that matters most. As a large company, there are many things you can do to ensure your customers’ voices are heard.

Simply building eLearning courses isn’t enough to attract people to take them, you have to prove that there is both a purpose & personal benefit for them.

Businesses can make the holiday season a jolly good time. The right marketing strategy and methodology in customer acquisition can raise the sales figures.

Clients are your business’s lifeline. But, if your plate is overflowing, you can’t neglect your work and expect to maintain the clients you do have.

Every company wants to provide great customer service to their paying customers. In 2016, customer service means more than just manning the telephones and responding to emails.

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