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17 Super-Effective Ways to Uplift Your Facebook Engagement

Facebook is considered one of the simplest platforms by businesses to advertise and market their product and services regardless of their size. Even the statistics by The Creative Group clearly depicts Facebook as a clear winner when it comes to the familiarity of workgroup with different social media platforms for their professional as well as personal use. However, Facebook engagement can serve your business well.

In fact, every business owner believes that Facebook is the fastest medium to attain their business goals. All they need to do is update their walls on regular basis and the relevant audience will start mustering.

But the cruel reality is – people tend to avoid the posts that intend to promote products and services most of the time. They get to see all that stuff through many other mediums including billboards, TV ads, display ads, and much more.

17 Super-Effective Ways to Uplift Your Facebook Engagement

Ask yourself: would you like to log in your Facebook profile just to see advertisements?

Obviously, No! Moreover, Facebook gives users complete control of choosing what they want to have and what they want to ignore.

It implies you need to be very specific with the taste and preferences of your target audience to spark a great conversation with them. Once you have analyzed what your audience is looking, you can use these 17 simple tricks to amplify your Facebook engagement like a pro.

Here’s a quick overview of 17 super-effective ways that can help to uplift your brand’s Facebook engagement like a pro:

#1. Reflect Your Business Personality

When it is all about being social, people believe what they see. Make sure that you define the voice and tone of your company well enough to reflect your business personality in the true sense.

#2. Put a Question To Your Audience

Questions are often a great way to encourage a conversation with your target audience. So, come up with good questions about what people want or like for making them actively involved in every post.

#3. Use Best-Quality Pictures

“A Picture Says A Thousand Words” never goes wrong in context to social media. Use the best selection of photos to depict your brand story, customer experiences, and much more that can compel visitors to leave a word.

#4. Being Specific is a Key

You need to put yourself in your visitor’s shoe to understand exactly what to post. Simply bring up the specific details forward that you yourself would like to know about the products/services you are investing your hard earned money in.

#5. Make Your Content Shareable

In addition to being specific, you should make your content pieces enriching enough that potential audience couldn’t resist sharing it within their network. Keep your focus on offering value and returns will amaze you.

#6. Add Call-To-Action

Adding a Call-To-Action is very important – if you have managed to convince your audience for a signup or subscription but you haven’t portrayed any call-to-action, then all your efforts will go in vain. Also, make sure your website is professionally designed if your call-to-action redirects readers directly to your successful website.

#7. Put Different Content Types to Work

Gone is the time when only text-contents were used. Nowadays you have so much of options to put your creativity in like – images, videos, music, memes, etc. to drive your audience towards the desired destination (or action.)

#8. Go Live Every Now and Then

Facebook has launched an amazing feature to go Live. All you need is a good internet connection and voila you are good to go to share different stories and experiences with your audience.

#9. Let Your Posts Shout Loud (Even Without Sounds)

Can you depict your brand’s message without uttering a single word?  A British series Mr. Bean is a very good example here. His actions do it all. Similarly, you should come up with infographics and statistics that can’t go unnoticed.

#10. Nail it with Instant Articles

Yet another amazing feature offered by Facebook wherein you can share the impressive or compelling articles instantly even if it is posted on LinkedIn or some other good source with Instant Articles. This will help you see a noticeable growth in Facebook engagement.

#11. Make Posts at Right Time

You should analyze your posts’ engagement on daily basis to know when people are most active so to schedule your posts accordingly. Only when you will value your audience availability, your posts will be valued in terms of engagement.

#12. Keep a Check on Posts’ Frequencies

Maintaining a consistency with your articles, images, and videos is very important to keep your customers engaged. Because such inconsistency can compel them to break up with you and move on with them to your competitors’ page for new updates and stories.

#13. Analyze Competitors’ Pages

Keep a watch on your competitors’ Facebook page to identify the sections you need to work on and the sections where you need to maintain the same pace to stay ahead. Consider this as a learning opportunity.

#14. Magnetize Traffic from Multiple Sources

Don’t limit yourself to the traffic you are getting on Facebook. Work on the other sources to drive your traffic from especially the ones with high domain authority. You are likely to get loyal Facebook engagement from such sources.

#15. Embed to Spread Your Word

Embedding is a wonderful technique to improve visibility and engagement on your business Facebook Page. It’s simple: you just need to click timestamp and select Embed from the list that appears in order to get the Embed Code of your post and use it with the desired content source.

#16. Run Facebook Contests

You can organize different Facebook contests to keep your audience actively engaged. Offer them attractive giveaways as rewards. Possibly, your audience shares the word about your contests and you will tend to get more traffic without much effort.

#17. Give Paid Advertisements a Try

If you have a good marketing budget, you should consider investing some of it in the Facebook’s paid advertisements for instant traffic and revenue results. Like PPC, Facebook ads can boost your brand visibility instantly.

I’m sure you must have been using some tricks mentioned above. Trace out the ones you haven’t tried yet. This is going to be a fun exercise folks – get started with new experiments and see your Facebook engagement improving.

Keep experimenting, keep experiencing!

The Bottom Line:

Facebook is the most commonly used social media platform and often the easiest way to reach your target audience. But it takes good time and efforts to boost engagement as everyone else has the same goal. However, you should practice every way out till you hit bull’s eye right at its center.

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