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The Absolute 6 Best Apps for Conference Room Management

Working in large enterprise, where meetings are part of your daily work routine, means only that you are already aware of how annoying improper facilitation management can really be. Fortunately, today there is wide range of conference room management solutions, which can put all this in past. While all of them offer wide variety of features to make meeting room management much easier, there are just a few that offer amazing mobile applications to help you really take things mobile. Here are the absolute 6 best apps for conference room management to consider using in 2014.

#1. Yarooms


Yarooms is a great solution for conference room management and offers free app for iPhone to all of its users. Being cloud based, Yarooms really has everything you need to manage all meeting facilities in your company from anywhere. The Yarooms mobile app allows you to access all features of the solution via really intuitive and clean interface.

#2. Get a Room


If you are looking for a bit more flexibility when managing company facilities, especially when these are located across different floors or buildings, Get a Room has all you need. It’s also bundled with alerts and permission based user system, so your conference room management is in secure hands.

#3. Condeco Mobile Room Booking


One of Condeco Software’s leading products is their meeting room management suite. The mobile booking system for conference room is really easy to setup – you just download the app and login with your software’s user account details. With the mobile app you will be able to check and schedule meetings, it’s available for a free download from iTunes.

#4. Meeting Room Display 4

download (2)

Android users have access to one of the most amazing meeting room management and booking systems working entirely on mobile platforms, called Meeting Room Display. If you want to get the entire process mobile, Meeting Room Display 4 is up for the task. You can install the app on Android tablet and place it at the entrance of your meeting room. There people will easily get info on most recent meeting schedule, availability and also make bookings. The app is available for free download at the Google Play Store.

#5. EventBoard


EventBoard is cloud based conference room management solution, which comes packed with tons of features to make your life much easier. There is a free app available on iTunes, which will help you create beautiful display in front of your meeting room with all information there is about availability, schedule and even the ability to make bookings from your mobile device.

#6. Pronestor Room


Pronestor is widely recognized as the leader when it comes to conference room management solutions and their solution Pronestor Room comes with free mobile app available on iTunes, which can help you create beautiful meeting room displays. It syncs with the office server to provide recent, detailed information on meetings schedule.


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  • Hi Daniel, thank you for highlighting these conference management apps. Meeting Room Display in particular sounds great and I’m an Android user! 🙂

  • Huw Davies offers meeting room management for Android and IOS phones and tablets as well as Office 365. Check it out at

  • Rob Doumen


    I’m searching for a solution to digital Wayfinding these
    meeting rooms. Big screen to show the visitors where their meeting will
    be. Any suggestions?

  • Tomas Mistrik

    Hi, we have developed meeting room booking system for android, easy to use, simple to implement and amazing design. download free trial to your tablet, we will be more then happy for any feedback!

  • Mette Lintrup

    Hi Daniel Hristov, thanks for this post. I was in contact with Florian Avramescu from YaRooms, asking if it really just works with iPhone, and he replied:
    “YArooms is a web based application, so it will run perfectly in the browser of any device.” (24/12/15)
    In your review it seems like the app is for iPhone – shouldn’t this be corrected? It might prevent non-Apple-users from trying YaRooms, which would be a shame, since it’s a good tool.

  • EventBoard

    Hey Rob, just following up on your note here, EventBoard has recently released a very easy visual wayfinding/scheduling maps feature. Check out this brief overview and then let us know if you’d like to see it:

  • Steve Dosan

    Another very good android app for scheduling online meetings is: R-HUB web conferencing servers. You may try the same.

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